Pre-Physician Assistant

The only physician assistant degree program in the state is offered by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston. MUSC offers a master's degree in Physician Assistant. USC Upstate offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology tailored to meet the entry requirements of the MUSC Physician Assistant program.

MUSC General Admission Requirements and Information:
A bachelor's degree and Graduate Record Exam scores (GRE) are required for admission to MUSC. The minimum required grade point average for applicants is 3.0. Note, however, that admission to the program is extremely competitive. Selection is based on prerequisite GPA, science GPA, GRE scores, confidential appraisal forms (e.g., health care experience, advanced course work, community service), and personal interviews. The average cumulative GPA for a recent entering class was between 3.4 and 3.6.

Students should apply to MUSC in the fall and have their application file (transcripts, references, etc.) completed by December 1.

The MUSC program starts in June and lasts seven semesters (26 months). The first 14 months is devoted to classroom and laboratory work. The second phase is 45 weeks of clinical clerkships.

Please visit the MUSC website for additional details.

Pre-Physician Assistant Course Requirements (completed as part of the Bachelor of Science in Biology):
English 101+102
Mathematics 126
Statistics (Math 102 or Psychology 225)
Chemistry 111+112 (General Chemistry)
Chemistry 331 (Organic Chemistry)
Biology 101+102
Biology 318 (Comparative Anatomy), 360 (Comparative Physiology), 330 (Microbiology)
Psychology 101

Two other social science courses (Psychology 302 and Sociology 101 recommended)

Four Humanities courses (from at least two of the following areas) fine arts, foreign language, literature, philosophy, speech, education

Additional Coursework:
Computer Science 138, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities

For more information on physician assistants see the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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