Scholars Academy Form B

The scholars academy at usc upstate

Student Information

E.The Scholars Academy offers an academically demanding curriculum, requiring of its students a greater level of  maturity.  In the past, how did you handle:

J. Please answer the following questions regarding transportation.



By signing below, we acknowledge that all information is accurate and complete as stated within this application. Completing this application is not a guarantee of being interviewed for the program.  An admissions committee will screen recent standardized test results, as well as attendance and discipline records, for each applicant.  Applications will be ranked based on responses, recommendations, test scores, and other information provided. Two weeks of interviews with the highest ranking applicants will be held to fill the available seats. Program directors reserve the right to review the permanent record of each applicant and will have access to applicant’s University of SC Upstate course grades while he/she is enrolled in the Scholars Academy.

By submitting this application, we acknowledge our understanding of the effort and time the student is undertaking if accepted into the ScholarsAcademy.  We understand that the program operates on a college campus; as such, students are expected to be responsible members of the community and to maintain As and Bs in all courses. We recognize that acceptance at the Scholars Academy requires a minimum one year commitment.  Voluntary leave requests will be subject to the exit policy explained below.  Students who exit the program voluntarily must reimburse the Academy for costs as outlined in the policy below. Finally, we have reviewed my school district’s policy regarding Scholars Academy tuition, textbooks, transportation, and graduation recognitions.


In keeping with the mission of the ScholarsAcademy to attract and graduate students, it is understood that students who accept the invitation to participate in the Academy will persist in its course of study to graduation.  Students who do not maintain adequate academic standing will be placed on probation or will be dismissed per the relevant policy.  Students who maintain good academic standing are expected to graduate from the program.

Students who choose to exit the Scholars Academy after the start of any academic semester and initial meeting of college classes will be held financially liable to reimburse the expenses incurred in providing the student’s seat in college courses for that semester.  The cost is currently $198 per 3-hr course and $264 per 4-hr course; the total will be reimbursed to USC Upstate for credit to the Scholars Academy account. 

Any request for a waiver to this policy will be reviewed by the Scholars Academy Executive Board. Appeals may be initiated by contacting Melissa DeLoach, Director of The Scholars Academy, at 864-503-5506 at USC Upstate.

Proofread everything, be sure appropriate signatures are on the forms, and return this application and all requested documents to your guidance counselor at your current school. Counselors will complete the process and send all application packets to:            

Melissa DeLoach, Director
The Scholars Academy
University of South Carolina Upstate
800 University Way
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29303

All parts of the application must be received at the above address by  February 1, 2019.  Selected applicants will be scheduled for a personal interview during the month of March 2019.

Discrimination of all persons is prohibited with regard to employment and any other program or activity on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, color, immigrant status, English speaking status or disabling condition in Spartanburg County Schools as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended.