Highlights and Special Initiatives at University Center Greenville

The School of Education has a variety of highlights and special initiatives underway at University Center Greenville. They are listed below and Dr. Marilyn Izzard is the point person for each.

College Visits

The USC Upstate School of Education at the University Center Greenville and Greenville Technical College's pre-education major and professors have developed a professional relationship, which provides Greenville Tech's students with meaningful experiences with Upstate students and faculty on the Greenville Upstate campus. Opportunities are provided for Upstate professors to connect with GTC pre-education students by visiting Greenville Tech classes to share information and answer questions about our teacher education programs.

Students from Greenville Tech's Foundation of Education classes are also provided opportunities to visit the UCG Upstate campus. Greenville Tech students tour the education learning labs and participate in class activities with Upstate students. The Greenville Tech students listen to testimonies and encouraging remarks about our teacher education program.

Praxis Bootcamp Workshops

Professors from Greenville Tech and USC Upstate collaborate to provide Core Praxis workshops in support of students who are planning to enter SOE Teacher Education Program from the Greenville Tech campus. The professors from both campuses provide jointly prepared Praxis Core workshops and presentations periodically during each fall and spring semester. USC Upstate Library representatives also participate in the workshop and provide information on library and online resources available to assist students in preparation for the examinations.

Trio Upward Bound Collaborative with Greenville Tech

Upward Bound is a federally funded educational program within the United States. The program is one of a three programs (Upward Bound, Talent Search, and Student Support

Service) referred to as TRIO, The USC Upstate Teacher Education program at the Greenville Center and Greenville Technical College’s Upward Bound program have developed a professional relationship, which provides the Upward Bound students opportunities to visit the SoE Upstate Greenville campus and participate in meaningful on campus experiences. This collaboration also provides opportunities for SoE professors and administrators to engage the GTC Upward Bound students before they enter the Teacher Education program.

UCG School of Education and Greenville Tech's Early College Program

The Upstate School of Education professors and the principal of the GTC Early College program have organized a New Tomorrow's Teacher club. The students met monthly with SoE and Early College personnel serving as advisors to the club. The club’s primary objectives are to:

  • Interest high quality students in becoming teachers, administrators, and/or entering other related fields to explore the teaching profession.
  • To cultivate qualities of leadership, character, and scholarship among students.
  • To promote leadership and other positive qualities among students
  • Invite guest speakers to share their experiences as teachers
  • Invite guest speakers from our SoE to discuss requirements classes, process to receive teaching certification