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Susan fernandezSusan Fernandez
Assistant Professor of Literacy Education
School of Education

What makes you a good teacher?  
I believe that an excellent teacher exemplifies the six "e’s:" enthusiasm, empathy, expectancy (high expectations), engagement, extension (relating USC Upstate learning to life) and equality.     

How do you engage students in learning your subject matter?  
Learning is about doing! As the facilitator/director of learning opportunities, I continually strive for "Lights! Camera! Action!" experiences through bright bulbs of erudition, cameras of concept creation and acquisition of acuity through active participation. I trust and abide by the Confucian adage of: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I DO and I understand!” Students’ active engagement is essential.

What are your teaching goals?   
My teaching goal is to ensure that my students meet THEIR goals. When a student decides to apply to USC Upstate, they have set a major goal. It is my mission to assist them in accomplishing this goal through success-filled, experiential educational endeavors.

Hernandez-Laroche AraceliAraceli Hernández-Laroche 
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
Languages, Literature and Composition

What makes you a good teacher? 
A good teacher transmits her passion for the subject taught and models why it is timely to master it in our interconnected world. I taught French, Italian and Spanish to diverse student populations in the United States, France and Spain. I seek to awaken my students’ curiosity for the wisdom, traditions and histories of other cultures. 

How do you engage students in learning your subject matter? 
Teaching world languages is incredibly exciting because students explore the infinite communication possibilities with vibrant cultures throughout the globe. Social media and technology allow us to build cultural bridges with the world beyond our classroom and to engage creatively as global digital citizens. 

What are your teaching goals?
My goal is to foster a creative, hospitable environment where we all learn from each other and inspire our thirst for more knowledge. 

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