Intro To Career Planning - UNIV U304

Do you ever wish all everything you need to know about careers was offered in one place and required you to be doing the things you know you probably should be doing anyways (like writing a resume)? Look no further! The Office of Career Management is proud to present UNIV U304: Introduction to Career Planning a three-credit course with the following outcomes:

Students completing the class will have a/an:

  • Polished Resume
  • Polished Cover Letter / Personal Statement
  • Understanding of Professional Attire
  • Knowledge of Job Search Processes
  • Knowledge of Workplace Professionalism
  • Experience Networking at a Career Fair
  • Ability to Write a Thank You Note
  • Ability to Write a Business Email
  • Understanding of Financial Literacy
  • Personalized Career Assessment
  • Enhanced Social Media Presence
  • Interview Experience
  • Informational Interviewing Experience

What students say about this course:

  1. University 304 should be a required course for your college experience. This is the only class offered that is completely dedicated to ensuring that students are ready for life after Upstate. From LinkedIn/Handshake profile page creations to resume enhancements, even mock job interviews, all assignments given are beneficial and necessary in the pursuit of finding a career. I recommend this course for all looking to get a leg-up in the workforce.”
    - Jamar
  1. Intro to Career Planning is a very helpful class with amazing instructors always willing to reach out to make sure you truly understand the material and subject matters. This class helped shape my knowledge of networking, financial literacy and many other helpful topics that are helpful for career networking and job searching. I definitely recommend this class to my peers.”
  1. I would recommend Intro to Career Planning to anyone! If you as a student are striving for success and to better your professionalism this is definitely the class for you. It will motivate you and push you for nothing other than greatness and opportunity.”

Next Steps:

If you are interested in enrolling in UNIV U304 - Intro to Career Planning, please discuss it with your academic advisor.