Cover Letters and Personal Statements

Cover Letters

What’s a Cover Letter?

A one-page document in 3-4 paragraphs which accompanies (“covers”) your resume in an application to tell an organization 1) why you’re interested in a certain position and 2) why based on your education, experience, and other qualifications, you would be a good fit for the position.

How do I Make a Cover Letter?

  1. Download our Cover Letter Template.
  2. Resources like Cover Letter Samples and this Review Rubric can help you create a rough draft.
  3. Let the pros review it! Send it to us at
  4. Once your cover letter is finished, it’s ready to be uploaded to Handshake for applications!

Personal Statements

Personal statements are critical to any graduate school application but can be challenging to write. See Upstate’s Guide to personal statements, personal statement evaluation chart, and some sample personal statements.

Upstate’s Guide to personal statements