The Spartan Lead Up

Planning for the future

Career Management wants all of our Spartans to be successful when they graduate. Planning for the future is overwhelming, so we have developed the Spartan LeadUP: small steps students can complete each year to ensure they are thinking about career preparation and competencies leading up to graduation. The Spartan LeadUP encourages students to EXPLORE careers and majors, DISCOVER career paths, FOCUS on post-graduation plans, and ACHIEVE their career goals!

We encourage students to make annual appointments with Career Management to review the Spartan Ready Competencies and identify where they still may need to develop their skills and experiences.


  • Visit the Career Management website for tips and information!
  • Make an appointment with Career Management to create a resume and personalize your four-year plan! Call us at 864-503-5993.
  • Learn about the 8 Spartan Ready Career Competencies
  • Create your account in Handshake to browse internship and career opportunities
  • Take Sigi3 Career Assessment to identify your career values, interests, personality type, and skills and explore jobs aligned with those traits*
  • Attend Premiere Fair (Fall Semester) and Winter Blast (Spring Semester) to find ways to get involved on campus and in the community


  • Identify a few career interests and goals (you should have more than just one!).
  • Conduct an informational interview or job shadow to learn more about careers of interest.
  • Attend a career or internship fair to learn about career opportunities and begin networking.
  • Get involved on campus to start developing career competencies such as teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving.
  • Get involved in the community—find an organization and volunteer. Even if it is only a few hours a month, you are developing competencies of global perspective, communication, and professionalism.
  • Set up an account on LinkedIn.
  • Continually add to your resume as you take on new roles and responsibilities
  • Make an appointment with Career Management for your yearly check-UP  to review the Spartan Ready Competencies and see where you may need to develop your skills. Call us at 864-503-5993.


  • Identify and connect with employers of interest on LinkedIn. Update your profile if needed!
  • If grad school is your next step, start looking at programs, application deadlines and the requirements (i.e. GMAT, GRE, clinical hours). Start preparing for any required tests!
  • Do a mock interview with Career Management. Call us at 864-503-5993.
  • Do an internship, independent study/research, or volunteer in the community.
  • Attend career fairs and other events to continually network and build connections with employers and alumni.
  • Take on leadership roles within campus organizations or employment*
  • Make sure you have a business professional outfit for interviews. Visit the Career Closet for free professional attire!
  • Join Spartanburg Young Professionals or other professional chapters to network and build communication and networking skills.
  • Upload your resume in Handshake.
  • Make an appointment with Career Management for your yearly check-UP  to review the Spartan Ready Competencies and see where you may need to develop your skills. Call us at 864-503-5993.


  • Make an appointment with Career Management to review your resume and cover letter. Call us at 864-503-5993. Learn all you need to know as you start your job search, such as where to look, negotiating salary, and writing thank-you letters. Check-UP to review the Spartan Ready Competencies and how to apply them!
  • Apply, Apply, Apply! Use Handshake to view and apply for opportunities.
  • Sit for GMAT, GRE, or any other examinations needed for graduate school and your profession.
  • If you are going to graduate school, write your personal statement. Have Career Management and the Writing Center review it before submitting your application.
  • Do a mock interview. Practice makes perfect! Call us at 864-503-5993.
  • Attend career fairs and events to build connections with employers.
  • Complete an internship, volunteer, or research experience if you haven’t already!
  • Ask faculty, supervisors, and staff to be references or write letters of recommendation.
  • Let Career Management know when you accept a job or enroll in graduate school! We want to hear about it!