Example Course Combinations and Focus Areas

As part of the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, students must complete 24 upper-level hours. Although those hours can be in any discipline, students needing online classes or those who take classes primarily on the Greenville campus may elect to complete one of the focus areas listed below. The courses listed are taught regularly on the Spartanburg campus and either online or on the USC Upstate Greenville Campus at the University Center Greenville. These focus areas are examples of class combinations; other combinations are possible, particularly for students taking classes on the Spartanburg campus.

Focus Areas

  • Technology and Communications
  • Technology and Management
  • Communications and Management
  • Informatics and Management
  • Informatics and Communications
  • Informatics and Technology 
  • Child Advocacy and Communications
  • Child Advocacy and Management
  • Nonprofit Administration and Communications
  • Nonprofit Administration and Management
  • Nonprofit Administration and Informatics
  • Nonprofit Administration and Child Advocacy