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USC Upstate offers a total of 15 online and hybrid programs that allow our students to complete a USC Upstate degree in the way that best meets their needs. Over 10% of USC Upstate students are enrolled in fully online programs, and nearly 33% of our students enroll in at least one online course each semester.

USC Upstate’s online programs were ranked the #1 Best Online College in South Carolina by SR Education Group based on low tuition and the highest median annual alumni salaries in the state ($72,700).

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  • Students can choose from over 300 online course sections in majors, minors, certificates, and general education courses across campus. In Fall 2019, 20.69% of all USC Upstate course enrollments were in online classes. USC Upstate is committed to providing quality instruction and course content to students regardless of geographical location or course content delivery format. 

    Online Degree Programs

    Online Undergraduate Degree Completion Programs:

    *In association with the Palmetto College. 

    Online Graduate Programs:

    *In association with the Palmetto College. 

    Hybrid Degree Programs

    More than 70 percent of the course credits are available online with the remainder in hybrid or face-to-face courses. 

    To see the hundreds of online and hybrid courses offered each term, search our Course Schedule in Self-Service Carolina.

    1. Go to Dynamic Schedule
    2. Select your desired term (fall, spring, or summer)
    3. Select Campus: USC Upstate
    4. Select Subject: Click CTRL-A to Select All, or choose a particular subject or subjects
    5. Select Instructional Method: Highlight 100% Web Asynchronous, 100% Web Mix Synchronous/Asynchronous, 100% Web Synchronous, Over 50% Web Delivery, Palmetto College Course, or all three (CTRL-click to select multiple options)

    Please find your desired degree program for more information.

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  • USC Upstate offers several types of online and hybrid courses. See the image below for a quick guide to the differences between synchronous and asynchronous courses. 

    • 100% Web Asynchronous Courses: These courses are delivered entirely online. Instructors prepare and organize content, design and provide guidance for activities for engagement, interaction, and assessment of learning, and provide regular communication and feedback for growth and improvement. Students read, view, and respond to materials on their own schedule, meeting established deadlines and benchmarks, and engaging in both student-instructor, and student-student interactions throughout the term. There are no scheduled course meetings, but students may arrange to meet with the instructor and/or with student groups as needed. Course section numbers end in a W. 
    • 100% Web Synchronous Courses: These courses are delivered entirely online. Instructors prepare and organize content, design and provide guidance for activities for engagement, interaction, and assessment of learning, and provide regular communication and feedback for growth and improvement. Students read textbooks and other course resources and do homework on their own schedule while meeting established deadlines. Students and the instructor meet together through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from the location of their choice during regularly scheduled course meeting times. Course section numbers end in a V.
    • 100% Web Mix Synchronous/Asynchronous Courses: These courses are also offered entirely online, but instead of scheduling online course meetings for the full 150-minutes of course time per week, the class meets online only once or twice per week, then students view video lectures and other instructional materials, complete projects, interact with assignments and quizzes, or do collaborative activities with classmates on their own schedule for the remainder of the course meeting time. Course section numbers end in VM.
    • Palmetto College Courses: These courses are designed as entirely online, usually asynchronous, unless indicated otherwise with a V in the section number. They have all the same features as 100% Web Asynchronous courses, but they are usually 7.5-week courses, and they are part of USC Upstate's five Palmetto College degree completion programs. Course section numbers end in PC.
    • Blended 50% or more Web and Blended/Hybrid up to 49% Web Courses: These courses balance face-to-face instruction with online learning to gain the benefits of both. Courses meet in a traditional classroom once or twice a week or less. During meetings, students get real-time support, discuss projects and course content, and have an opportunity to interact with their instructors and peers. Between face-to-face meetings, students engage with online lectures and instructional materials, complete assignments and online interactions, and get feedback from the instructor. These courses increase scheduling flexibility while maintaining a regular routine of face-to-face interaction. Course section numbers end in M.

    Synchronous v. Asynchronous Online Classes. Asynchronous-work on your schedule, synchronous-Collaborate Web meetings, combined-integrated design

  • Purpose

    The purpose of distance education at USC Upstate is to offer existing programs and courses using online and distance delivery methods. It seeks to provide a high quality student experience by expanding the times and places of program offerings and embracing technological innovation. Through partnerships with other educational institutions, businesses, industries and both community and public agencies, USC Upstate will create learning opportunities as they are needed. The institution will show operational stewardship by providing these essential services efficiently.


    • To maintain the high quality of existing academic programs delivered through distance education as defined by appropriate accrediting agencies
    • To comply with the SREB Principles of Good Practice for distance education
    • To ensure the technology used is appropriate to the nature and objectives of the programs

    About the Director

    Dr. David S. McCurry

    Dr. David S. McCurry
    Director of Distance Education


    248A Media Building

    Dr. David S. McCurry has worked internationally and in the U.S. for over 35 years in the fields of information and communications technology in education, distance learning, media in education, textbook design and production, extension communications, curriculum and materials development, teacher education and faculty development. He has published in the areas of technology and society, technology in teacher education and African educational research. His professional experience includes 18 years working in African educational development as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader, U.S. Information Agency/Fulbright Lecturer and Senior Consultant and Interim Chief of Party for USAID and the Institute for International Research (now AIR). He spent eight years as a professor of education in the U.S., achieving tenure and associate professor rank while directing Master of Education programs and electronic portfolio assessment in addition to regular teaching, research and advising duties before moving to South Carolina and launching Jacaranda Educational Development with his wife, Dr. Bonnie B. Mullinix. Dr. McCurry has worked previously for Converse College as the director of distance education and is now the director of distance education at USC Upstate.