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Online learning at USC Upstate allows you to study when and where it is convenient for you. It lets you complete your USC Upstate degree your way. USC Upstate online courses use the most up-to-date pedagogical strategies and innovative technologies to engage a community of learners. In online classes, instruction may not include face-to-face interaction; therefore, you should plan to study and complete your assignments by working on your own, interacting with classmates through discussions or online communication, and learning with the support of regular feedback and guidance from your instructor.

Online learners need strong motivation to learn, the ability to work independently, the capacity to follow instructions, and solid time management and study skills to create and stick to a regular study schedule. Additionally, learners benefit from the ability to use and troubleshoot a variety of technologies.

Below are resources and contacts to support your success in courses offered online at USC Upstate:

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  • To access any USC Upstate student support services from a distance, visit Virtual Student Services

Online Course Technology Support 

Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS) we use to connect you to resources and activities in your USC Upstate courses. 

Some of your online courses may share all activities, assignments, and content entirely in Blackboard. Others may use Blackboard in combination with an electronic textbook and practice exercise (common in accounting, world languages, mathematics, computer science, etc.). As an online learner, you can expect to use Blackboard to find out about course announcements, view video lectures, turn in discussion boards or assignments, complete tests or quizzes, and keep track of your grades. Be sure to check with your instructors for more details about the features of your courses.

For courses listed as synchronous online, you may use Blackboard "Collaborate" to attend a virtual class meeting with video and audio, meet one-on-one with your instructor or advisor to ask questions or discuss projects, or share screens and files with classmates. 

Be sure to log in to Blackboard and check out your courses before classes begin to help you build a good connection with your instructors and courses. 

Staying in Contact

Blackboard and the Blackboard Student App also have built-in features to help you keep track of important due dates and to monitor your progress in your courses. A calendar of all courses and email, text, and app notifications can help you manage your time and plan your schedule throughout the term.

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