Upstate Masthead

Heather Davis, Elementary Education Major

Inman, SC

Favorite Food
Mexican food

Favorite Book
The Cay

Favorite Movie
The Blind Side

Activities and Organizations
Children’s department at New Prospect Baptist Church

Which professors made a difference in your life?

  • Dr. Tanner is a professor in the education department that has made a difference in my life. She truly cares about her students and really made me feel comfortable about teaching in the future.
  • Dr. Freeman also made a difference because she shows us how to have fun. Teaching isn’t just about teaching children the curriculum, but about showing them that you care, and that is what Dr. Freeman taught me.

Favorite Class

Dream Career
2nd grade or 3rd grade teacher

What does USC Upstate mean to you?
USC Upstate is very important to me. At this school, I am able to further my education so that I can pursue the career of my choice. Upstate has provided a positive learning environment for the past three years, and the teachers here have done a great job of preparing me for the future as an educator.

This scholarship will impact my life because it will lessen the financial burden that I currently have.  I have student loans and any type of scholarship will help me tremendously and ease the burden.