Upstate Masthead

Ashlan Roberts, Nursing Major

Simpsonville, SC

Favorite Food

Favorite Book
The A-List Series

Favorite Movie
The Notebook

Activities and Organizations

  • Gamma Beta Phi
  • Student Nurses Association

Which professors made a difference in your life?

  • I had Mrs. Waldrop for University 101 for nursing majors and she really helped me get used to what college was about, and we also learned what we needed to do for nursing school. She was really helpful.
  • This past semester I had Mrs. Harkins for Health Alterations I and even though the class was very tough, I learned a lot. She really helped me grow as a student nurse.

Favorite Class
Psychology 101

Dream Career
My dream is to become an RN and work in the hospital

What does USC Upstate mean to you?
USC Upstate has given me an education to become successful as a nurse and lifelong friends who I can count on. When I received the scholarship I was so thankful because this helps pay for my tuition, and it really made me realize that people believe that I will be successful one day.