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Jessica Jones, Nursing Major

Jessica JonesHometown
Simpsonville, SC

Favorite Food
Macaroni and Cheese

Favorite Book

Favorite Movie
Cry Baby

Activities and Organizations
Student Nurses Association

Which professors made a difference in your life?

  • Nida Lyda, one of my English teachers from high school.
  • Mrs. Hassan, my first clinical teacher at USC upstate who gave me a lot of confidence in working with patients.
  • Patricia Harkins, one of my clinical teachers who inspired me to be the best nurse that I can be.

Favorite Class
My favorite class so far in the nursing program has been Introduction to Nursing with Mrs. McAbee and Mrs. McAlister. I learned a lot in the class, and they made the class fun and interesting.

Dream Career
My dream career is to work in geriatrics. I either want to work in a nursing home or on a geriatric nursing floor. One day, I would like to work in a hospice home. End of life care is very important to me.

What does USC Upstate mean to you?
To me USC Upstate means a great deal. USC Upstate has allowed me to follow my dreams and become what I want to be. Receiving this scholarship has helped me with my financial needs for the coming year. This scholarship will take some of the financial stress away and will help make my living expenses less demanding.