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Jessica Taylor, Nursing Major

Jessica TaylorHometown
Taylors, SC

Favorite Food
Anything sweet!

Favorite Book
Harry Potter – it is the series that turned me into a book lover, so I’ll always love it!

Activities and Organizations

  • National Student Nurses Association
  • Gamma Beta Phi
  • Volunteer Note Taker
  • Academic Support Center Tutor

Which professors made a difference in your life?

  • Ms. Barbara McCracken
  • Ms. Robin McAbee
  • Mr. Bill Koehler
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Hassen
  • Mrs. Stephanie Barnhill
  • Mrs. Marcelle Elm

These professors all provided me with valuable information throughout my first semester of nursing school and have helped shape me to be the best possible nurse I can be.

Favorite Class
SBSN 320P – Foundations in Nursing Practicum. I enjoyed learning many of the skills that I will later use as a nurse.

Dream Career
Working as a nurse!

What does USC Upstate mean to you?
USC Upstate has and is still working to shape me into the person I will become as a career-seeking adult. USC Upstate has provided me with an excellent education, inspiring professors, and a welcoming environment. I have gotten to know many of the faculty and staff in various departments on campus and they have helped shape me into a better person by providing me with advice and valuable information for the future.  I believe I will always consider my time at USC Upstate to be one of the most valuable times of my life.

This scholarship will impact my life by helping me get one step closer to my ultimate goal – becoming a registered nurse – by providing me with some of the funding necessary to pay for my education.