Upstate Masthead

Samantha Parker, Business Administration Major

Samantha ParkerHometown
Spartanburg, SC

Favorite Food

Favorite Book
Eclipse, from the Twilight Series

Favorite Movie
Sex and the City

Activities and Organizations
At the time, I am not actively involved in any organizations on campus. In 2008 I was involved with Upstate Student Government as Secretary. I recently participated as a business marshal at the dinner gala and the ribbon cutting of the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics in Downtown Spartanburg.

Which professors made a difference in your life?
Dr. Morrison was my Managerial Accounting professor and he taught me more than just accounting principles. He taught me how to discipline myself to get all of my work done, and I really learned a lot from our case studies.

Favorite Class
History of Rock Music

Dream Career
I don’t really have a “dream” career, but I would enjoy being a secret shopper who rates retailers on how well they are running their business.

What does USC Upstate mean to you?
Upstate is like a second home to me. As cheesy as that may sound, I look forward to the school year and I will be sad to leave when I graduate. I hope to come back one day and get involved with campus activities.

I am extremely honored to accept this scholarship as it has not only helped me financially, but also made me feel like my hard work at USC Upstate has paid off, and I am being rewarded for my academic efforts.