Click the questions below to receive answers to the most frequently asked questions about financial aid. If you need additional assistance, please contact the Office of Financial Aid by phone at 864-503-5340 or via email. For more specific questions about admissions, view the Enrollment Services FAQ.

When should I apply for financial aid?

After you apply to USC Upstate, you should apply for financial aid using the  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1 for fall semesters. 

What is a student account?

It is an accounts receivable account where all individual student financial transactions with the University are maintained.

May I keep a credit balance for future charges?

No, credit balances are automatically refunded to you. 

If I drop a class or withdraw from the University, how do I get my refund?

Academic refunds are automatically refunded to you and mailed to your permanent address. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks after the first day of classes to receive a refund check. Financial aid students, please remember all refunds must be applied to financial aid sources first. Please contact Student Account Services at (864) 503-5326 with questions.

When are bills available?

After you register for classes, your bill will become available on SSC.Click on SCHEDULE and BILL to see your schedule, your charges, available financial aid and any balance. The spring schedule and your bill will become available approximately the 22nd of November. You will not receive a bill in the mail. You can pay your fees by using SSC or pay in person at the cashiers’  windows in the Health Education Complex, Suite 2081. Contact Student Account Services at (864) 503-5326 with questions.

What is the Web fee payment system (SSC)?

You have the option of paying your fees via the Internet. Web fee payment requires that you have sufficient Financial Aid to cover your fees, or that you pay by Electronic Check or credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Discover), or a combination of both. We encourage students to take advantage of this easy method of payment. To access fee payment on the web, go to SSC.

May I pay my charges without a bill?

Yes, fees and charges may be paid via  SSC, or in person at the Cashier’s Office in the Health Education Complex, Suite 2081. Fees can be paid by mailing your payment directly to the Cashier’s Office by the stated cut-off date. Please identify all correspondence and checks with your student number.

Do you accept credit cards for payments of charges?

Credit cards may be used through the website’s SSC system. DISCOVER, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards are accepted. There is a minimal convenience fee associated with all credit cards.

If a financial hold is placed on my records, what actions should I take in order to get the hold released?

Contact the Cashier’s Office at (864) 503-5326 to make arrangements to satisfy the conditions of the hold obligation.

Does the University have a tuition payment plan?

Yes, the University has developed a tuition payment plan. This plan may be obtained under certain conditions: Returning students must have a GPA of at least 2.0, be in good financial standing with the University and have no outstanding past due charges. Students must set up the payment plan during walk-in hours at the Cashiers office in the Health Education Complex, Suite 2081. More information can be found by contacting Student Account Services (Cashier's Office) at (864) 503-5326 with questions.

How do I change my meal plan?

To make additions and changes for meal plans after you have made your fee payment, contact the Cashier’s Office at (864) 503-5326.

How many students are in the freshman class?

The average freshman class numbers approximately 700 students.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 25-30 students with freshman classes averaging 30-35 students. The student-to-faculty ratio is 16 to 1. Smaller class sizes and frequent one-on-one conversation with faculty are consistently noted by students as contributors to their academic success.

How do I find out more about the student loan interest deduction and other requirements or conditions that may apply to me?

As always, you should contact your tax advisor for guidance. However, you can obtain complete information about this deduction in IRS publication 970, Tax Benefits for Higher Education. This publication is available from your local IRS office and may also be downloaded from the IRS Web site. The U.S. Department of Education also provides some information about this deduction. Contact Student Account Services (Cashier’s Office) at (864) 503-5326 with questions.

How do I find out the status of my loan?

For information concerning your Federal Loan, call the Direct Loan Servicing Department at 1-800-848-0979 or Applicant Services at 1-800-557-7394.

To find out the status of a private loan, contact your lender.

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