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Behind every life-changing experience, there’s a first step. You’ve chosen the University of South Carolina Upstate as the place to continue or begin your collegiate career. It’s the best first step you can take toward your education. The next step is for you to attend orientation, advisement, and registration (OAR). OAR is more than just a get-acquainted session. It’s your chance to get academic information and learn about University resources and services before beginning classes. 

Meet your classmates, get acquainted with the campus and register for classes. You will meet with an academic adviser who will help you choose the best courses for you. If you’re a transfer student, your transcript evaluation will be discussed with you by a faculty adviser overseeing your declared major or a faculty member overseeing undeclared transfer students. Student orientation leaders will help you through the registration process.

USC Upstate offers orientation sessions for freshman and transfer students as well as for parents. 

Following registration, you can buy your books at the USC Upstate Bookstore and have your student ID card made (your ID is used for admission to campus events, as your library card and as your official campus identification).

Register now for orientation or continue reading if you need additional information.


Freshmen (age 20 or younger)

All new freshman students under the age of 20 are required to attend one of the two-day programs. Dates are offered according to your intended major. Day one of the two-day program includes a full day of information sessions for students and parents, lunch, advisement and activities. Day two includes breakfast, sessions for students and registration. All freshmen age 20 and under are required to stay overnight during OAR. For more information, check out the Orientation FAQ.

Non-Traditional Freshmen (age 21 and older)

Non-traditional freshmen will attend transfer orientation, advisement, and registration. These events are designed specifically for students transferring to USC Upstate from other institutions and for non-traditional freshmen. You will meet with an academic advisor who will help you choose the best courses for you to meet your educational goals. You will also register for your first semester at USC Upstate. OAR is also an opportunity to learn everything you will need to prepare yourself for your first semester at USC Upstate, including information about campus services and organizations, financial aid and fee payment. For more information, check out the Orientation FAQ.

2018-2019 New Student Spring Orientation Dates**
Please select a date from the list below to register.

Spartanburg Campus
December 4, 2018  (Tuesday / 1 p.m.)
January 8, 2019 (Tuesday / 10 a.m.)
Greenville Campus 
January 10, 2019  (Tuesday / 10 a.m.)

**Remember, Spartanburg dates are for students taking the majority of their courses in Spartanburg. Greenville dates are for students taking the majority of their courses at the Greenville campus.

    1. Make sure you have
    2. Click on the Register button above. Enter your USC Upstate username and password, which were sent to your in your welcome packet and can be located on your student data sheet. Your USC Upstate username is the first part of your e-mail address (if your email address is, your USC Upstate username is smithjd4). If you need to reset your username and password, you will need to know your VIP ID and USC Upstate username. The VIP ID is an 8-digit number that was sent to you in your welcome packet. Look for it on your student data sheet. 
  • Parents, we did not forget about you. The best way to discover where and how your son or daughter will spend the next few years of his or her life is to attend USC Upstate’s Parent Orientation, a program designed to help parents learn what to expect from the freshman year of college. If you have any additional questions, you can email us at We’ll be glad to help you. 

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