Upstate offers opportunities for non-degree seeking students


Non-degree Seeking Students

Thank you for considering USC Upstate to further your education. Because you are not seeking a degree, you may apply for admission as a non-degree student. Typically, non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid or veterans' benefits.

Non-degree students include:

  • Students who want to take a few undergraduate courses but do not intend to work toward a degree
  • Transient or visiting students from other colleges who want to take a few courses but who plan to graduate from their "home" colleges
  • College graduates who need additional undergraduate credit
  • Students who want to audit courses
  • Students who need teacher certification

Students wishing for their coursework to apply toward a degree should request the University’s standard freshman application.

College graduates who need additional undergraduate credit to qualify for admission to a graduate or professional school or who wish to take courses for personal interest must submit proof of a college degree in one of two forms: 1) official transcript showing degree and date degree was awarded, or 2) official letter from school stating degree and date earned (letter must include registrar’s signature and school seal).

Contact information
Once enrolled, courses require students follow the professors syllabus for attendance and grades. To get started, simply follow the instructions on the Apply Now page to fill out the dual enrollment application for admission. 

For more information, contact Donette Stewart at or 864-503-5246.

Senior Citizens

As a South Carolina Senior Citizen, you are entitled to take courses through the free tuition program. The state regulation allowing free tuition is detailed below:

62‑1110. Eligibility.

State‑supported colleges and universities are authorized to permit legal residents of South Carolina who have attained the age of sixty to attend classes for credit or noncredit purposes on a space available basis without the required payment of tuition if these persons meet admission and other standards deemed appropriate by the college or university and if these persons do not receive compensation as full‑time employees.

Please note that we are only authorized to offer free tuition on a space available basis. Therefore, you will be eligible to register for all courses on the first day of class. We cannot determine if space is available until that time. If you wish to pay regular tuition for your classes, you may participate in early registration and should contact the Admissions Office as soon as possible to make arrangements.

If you would like to participate in the free tuition program, you should come by the admissions office on the first day of class (for the term you wish to enroll) to register for your classes. Our office is located in the Health Education Complex, Suite 2081.

Please visit the links on this page for an application for admission, free tuition application, and free tuition program information. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions, 864-503-5246.

*Please note that we are only authorized to offer free tuition on a space available basis. The costs of any fees, charges, and/or textbooks normally associated with the course remain in effect and must be borne by the student.

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