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The Student Account Services Department provides financial services support to students and parents. Our goal is to make the process of paying for your education as simple as possible.    

Student Account Services is located within the Enrollment Services Suite across from the Bookstore in the Health Education Complex Building.

Payments for tuition and fees may be made at the cashiers’ windows located near the center of the Health Education Complex in the main hallway. Cash and check payments are received here. Credit card payments must be made through Self Service Carolina. 

Need Assistance? Visit our frequently asked questions

To verify your military service, complete this verification of military service form. PDF Document

Bills are not mailed. You may review and pay your bill on Self Service Carolina.


Summer 2019 payment plan enrollment begins in mid-April 2019.  If you do not enroll in a payment plan, payment in full is required by May 29, 2019 to avoid cancellation of your Summer courses.

Online payments
Our students may pay online on Self Service Carolina. Payments for tuition and fees may be made with an electronic check, or e-check, by entering a bank routing and account number into the secure system. Credit card payments are also accepted online. A 2.5% convenience fee is charged for each credit card transaction.   

Returned Checks
We participate in the Solicitor’s Worthless Check Program. All returned checks are submitted for collection if we have not been contacted by the maker of the check. A 
$30 fee will be charged for each returned check. See our check acceptance policy for more information.

Delinquent Accounts
All outstanding delinquent accounts will be submitted to a collection agency or the SC Department of Revenue unless suitable payment arrangements are made. If USC Upstate considers it necessary to refer all or part of the unpaid principal, late charges and/or interest to an attorney or collection agency for collection, the student is liable for and shall pay all the attorney’s fees and/or collection agency fees resulting from the referral that are allowed by federal and state laws and regulations and that are necessary for the collection of these amounts.

Critical Payment Dates

Your class schedule will be subject to cancellation if your tuition and fees have not been paid by the due date. Please review your account in Self Service Carolina to ensure tuition and fees are paid. Contact Student Account Services with questions about fees or the tuition payment plan at 864-503-5326.

 Summer 2019 tuition due dates
Summer 2019 payment plan enrollment begins in mid April 2019.  If you do not enroll in a payment plan, payment in full is required by May 29, 2019 at 5pm to avoid cancellation of your spring courses.

Payment plans are available with a 25% down payment plus a $75 payment plan fee. The down payment is due at the time of enrollment. If you have any questions please contact Student Account Services.

Tuition Payment Options

You can make your tuition payment in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Online through Self Service Carolina (SSC) by e-check. An e-check is an electronic check. Use this option to input your account number and bank routing number directly into SSC. There is no charge for using an e-check. It is the fastest and safest way to pay tuition.
  2. Online through SSC by credit card.
  3. In the Student Account Services Office at the cashier’s windows, by check, cash or money order only. Please review our Check Acceptance Policy.

Please note we cannot accept credit card payments in Student Account Services, at the cashiers’ windows or over the phone.

You may also set up a Tuition Payment Plan. 

Tuition Payment Plan

USC Upstate offers students the option of enrolling in a payment plan to make monthly payments on their semester balance. The payment plan is available to all USC Upstate students who are in good financial standing and have no outstanding, past due charges. 

The tuition payment plan requires a down payment of 25% of the student’s account balance, plus a non-refundable administrative fee of $75 when the payment plan is established. This down payment is required at the time of enrollment.

Please note that we cannot accept credit card payments in our office. You may pay online at with a credit card. Please also note that there is a 2.5 percent convenience fee assessed for credit card payments made online. You may pay with an electronic (e-check) online with your checking account information (account and routing number) at no charge. 

Summer payment plans may be set up beginning April 22, 2019.  

  • Down payment of 25% of the balance + $75 administration fee   
  • First installment of 25% is due on May 10, 2019
  • Second installment of 25% is due on June 10, 2019
  • Third installment of 25% is due on July 10, 2019
  • Payment is required to set up a payment plan.

    Payments received after the due date are subject to $100 late fee per late payment. Unpaid late payments will result in a hold on your student account.

Contact Student Account Services with questions at 864-503-5326 or send us an email.

Withdrawal and Refund Information

University's official Withdrawal / Refund Schedule: 

Registrar’s Parts of Term Dates

Select your campus, term and part of term. 

University charges are to be paid in full on the date they are incurred. Refunds are issued according to the schedules in this section to students who withdraw from the University, to part-time students who drop a course or courses and to full time students who are reclassified as part-time students because of dropping a course or courses.

If a student receiving federal Title IV financial assistance withdraws from the University, other than federal work-study funds, a portion of the refund must be returned to the program or programs that provided the funds.

Refund Policy for Financial Aid Recipients

Institutions are required to have a fair and equitable refund policy for students who receive financial aid. Students receiving financial assistance are subject to an additional refund analysis.

Federal financial aid includes Direct Lending, Plus (parent) Loans, Perkins Loans, Pell Grants and SEOG grants.

Refund Policy for Title IV Recipients

There is no longer a differentiation between first-time and continuing students. Federal regulations require each educational University to have a written policy for the refund and repayment of federal aid received by students who withdraw during a term for which payment has been received. These policies are effective only if a student completely terminates enrollment (i.e., cancels his/her registration, withdraws or is dismissed) or stops attending classes before completing 60 percent or more of the enrollment period.

Beginning in the fall, students that plan to withdraw from their studies at USC Upstate may do so online through Self Service Carolina.

Those students who withdraw within the add-drop period are eligible to receive 100 percent refund of tuition. Following the add-drop period, adjustments to tuition resulting from official resignations are based on the effective date of withdrawal and in accordance with the federally mandated calculation as specified in Section 484B of the Higher Education Act. This law also specified the order of return of Title IV funds to the programs from which they were awarded.

The calculation is based on the period of enrollment completed. That percentage is computed by dividing the total number of calendar days in the term into the number of calendar days completed as of the date of student notification. The percentage of Title IV assistance to which the student is entitled (has “earned”) is equal to this percentage of the term completed, up to 60 percent. If the withdrawal occurs after 60 percent of the term is completed, the percentage is equal to 100 percent.

The amount of Title IV aid which must be returned is based on the percentage of “unearned” aid. That percentage is computed by subtracting earned aid from 100 percent. The University is required to return the lesser of:  the unearned aid percentage applied to institutional charges or the unearned aid percentage applied to the total Title IV aid received.

The student is required to return the difference between the amount of unearned aid and the amount returned by the University. The student will be billed for the amount the student owes the Title IV programs and any amount due to the University resulting from the return of Title IV funds used to cover University charges. If the student (or parents in the case of a PLUS loan) is required to return a portion or all of their loan proceeds, the calculated amount is to be repaid according to the loan’s terms. Students must return only half the amount of grant funds calculated.

Funds are returned to the following Title IV sources in order of priority:

  1. Unsubsidized Direct Loans
  2. Subsidized Direct Loans
  3. Federal Perkins Loans
  4. Direct PLUS Loans
  5. Federal Pell Grants
  6. Federal SEOG
  7. Other Title IV assistance for which the return of funds is required
  8. Other federal, state or institutional financial assistance
  9. Student

If less aid is disbursed than was earned, the student may receive a late disbursement for the difference.

Refunds applicable to non-Title IV funds will be distributed according to the following priority (not to exceed the original amount disbursed):

  1. Institutionally controlled scholarships
  2. Outside scholarships (not funded by USC Upstate)
  3. Student
Distribution of Refund Policies

USC Upstate’s refund and repayment policies are disseminated to students in the USC Upstate Academic Catalog. Students may receive additional information by making an appointment with an Aid Administrator. Before a student obtains the required Advisor's signature on the withdrawal form, they are required to visit the Financial Aid Office (FAO) for counseling to determine the financial obligations of withdrawing before all aid is earned. the University of South Carolina Upstate Terms and Conditions of Awards was revised to reflect the new Return Procedure for Title IV Aid.

Before you withdraw, go to the Financial Aid Office to determine the financial implications of your withdrawal. You can also contact Student Account Services with questions at:

USC Upstate Student Account Services
800 University Way
Health Education Complex (HEC)
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Fax: 864-503-5334

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