Military Tuition Assistance

Go Army Tuition Assistance Program

Eligibility Requirements

Tuition Assistance (TA) is a benefit offered to service members to assist with the cost of tuition. You may request TA from 60 days up to 10 days prior to your class start date.  TA typically covers up to $250 per credit hour with a fiscal year limit of 16 credit hours. Please complete the verification of military service form PDF icon image and return it to Student Account Services to begin the process of applying for this assistance.

Additional Eligibility Requirements

  • Soldiers will not be eligible to use TA until successfully completing one year after graduating Advanced Individual Training (AIT), Officer Candidate School (OCS) or Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC).
  • Students will be restricted to 16 credit hours per fiscal year.
  • Soldiers are limited to 130 credit hours to complete a bachelor’s degree and 39 credit hours to complete a master’s degree.
  • Soldiers cannot use TA for a second higher level degree until completion of 10 years of service.
  • This requirement does not apply if TA did not pay for any portion of the student's undergraduate degree.
  • Soldier cannot be funded for a second equivalent degree (i.e. no second bachelor’s or master’s degree).
  • All courses must be part of an approved degree plan.
  • TA cannot be used for professional degrees (i.e. Ph.D., M.D., J.D.).
  • The policy for not allowing TA for Soldiers who are flagged for APFT/height/weight will continue.
  • Additional information related to TA can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page of

Note: USC Upstate does not determine eligibility for Tuition Assistance. The above noted items were received from the U.S. Army. Please contact your ESO to determine your full eligibility requirements.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Upon completion of 6 credit hours, you must have an approved course planner in place. You would work with your academic advisor to obtain the degree plan. The degree plan should include your name, signature of academic adviser and contact information for the academic adviser.
  2. On the Go Army Ed website, select the courses that you wish to request Tuition Assistance for and submit them with a copy of your bill and class schedule. Your name should be clearly listed on the bill and class schedule. 
  3. Bring a copy of the approved Tuition Assistance form to Student Account Services/Cashier’s Office.  

Other helpful information regarding Military Tuition Assistance: