Shaping the Future

Greetings from USC Upstate!

The Upstate region of South Carolina boasts a vibrant economy with diverse industries, from manufacturing and health care to technology and beyond. Yet, as our region continues to grow, so does the talent gap in various sectors.

To ensure our continued prosperity, it is imperative that we address the talent gap head-on. The Upstate Talent Forum will serve as a beacon of hope, bringing together industry leaders, educational partners, and community stakeholders to collectively confront this challenge.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, Oct. 11, as we embark on this significant endeavor. This forum will not be just another event; it’s a statement about our commitment to the Upstate’s future. We invite you to be part of this initiative, lending your expertise, insight, and passion to help shape our region’s destiny.

Your involvement is vital to ensuring that our efforts address the unique demands of our local job market. I am especially excited that this engagement will facilitate the development of the Upstate Talent Pledge, which will no doubt drive strategic investments in developing, attracting, and retaining our region’s top talent.

You will hear from respected leaders in education, industry, and government about talent trends and solutions. You’ll have opportunities to participate in collaborative breakout sessions and build lasting partnerships. I am especially excited that Allen Smith, president and CEO of OneSpartanburg Inc., and Carlos Phillips, president and CEO of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, are co-conveners of this event.

Together, we have the power to bridge the talent gap, fortify our region’s position as a hub of growth and innovation, and secure a prosperous future for the Upstate. Thank you for being an integral part of our mission, and for your unwavering dedication to the growth and prosperity of the Upstate.

With warm regards,

Bennie L. Harris, Ph.D.


University of South Carolina Upstate