Fit Spartans on Wheels

We bring the workout and fitness education to you.

Let Fit Spartans on Wheels bring the workout and fitness education to you. Fit Spartans on Wheels brings fitness instructors from the Spartan Recreation Center to your department or organization to provide exercise classes and fitness education for your group. Start your staff meeting or take a break with a Fit Spartans on Wheels exercise session. No prior experience is needed to participate in any of the classes. Fit Spartans on Wheels also provides educational workshops that help take your health knowledge and experience to the next level.

Choose from the exercise sessions and educational workshops below or request a special topic or class.

Educational Seminars

  • Making the Most of your Activity
  • Strength for Life
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness Fact Vs. Fiction
  • Workplace Health
  • Injury Prevention

Exercise Classes

Ab Blaster: It doesn’t take 2 hours to create a sculpted core. Try these short abdominal classes designed to fit into any busy schedule.

Barre: This class is a fun way to get a full body workout. This class focuses on proper alignment. We'll work on upper body, lower body, abs, and flexibility using the barre. Please bring water and arrive to class early to check in.

Cycle: Improve your cardiovascular endurance on our cycle bikes while riding to rocking music. Intervals, hill climbs and sprints will get you in your best shape over the 30 or 45 minute class. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Water is mandatory for this class.

Dance-X: Dance like no one is watching! Dance-X transforms the group fitness studio into a unique atmosphere perfect for a cardio dance-based fitness class. We'll bust a move to the latest hip hop and pop music. This class is high energy and lots of fun. You won't even realize you're working out.  No dance experience is necessary; just come ready to have fun and let your body move to the music! 

Aqua Stand Up: This is your fun and efficient fitness solution. You will utilize a paddleboard that is in a fixed position in the pool to work your entire body. Elements of yoga, pilates, and bodyweight training will be utilized.

Legs, Core, and Cardio: Legs, core, and cardio is just that. The class begins with legs and bodyweight cardio work and then transitions to more core work. 

Yoga: Gentle Yoga is designed to improve flexibility and balance for stress reduction through simple stretches and balance postures. Please arrive early to check in.

Foam Rolling: Whether you are a college athlete or a desk jockey, this class is for you! Foam rolling is a self-massage class designed for any level of fitness. This deep tissue massage is achieved by slowing rolling over various areas of your body. You'll help break up adhesion and scar tissue as well as speed up the healing and recovery process after your workout.