Weight Room

Weight Room and Group Fitness Studio

We offer a variety of selectorized Matrix equipment, free weights, and exercise accessories to make sure you can get the best workout possible. There is always a Weight Room Attendant on duty at the Spartan Recreation Center. This means there is always someone you can ask questions to, to help you set up a piece of equipment, and to spot you on free weight exercises.

New to the weight room? No problem. We can set you up with a certified personal trainer for a free 30-minute weight room orientation.

Fitness & Free Weight Area Policies

  • Users are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings during exercise, however; face coverings may be pulled down or removed while swimming, participating in cardio activities, or while performing (or recovering from) strenuous exercise that causes respiratory distress. Users should strive to remain physically distant from others while mask is removed. Research from the American Council on Exercise has determined most people can exercise safely with a cloth face covering, provided that they do not have a pre-existing lung or cardiovascular issues and are monitoring their body’s reaction to the workout.
  • Do not play music out loud. Instead, use headphones. Only groups that have reserved the Group Fitness Studio through Special Events may shut the doors and play music out loud.
  • Only facility staff is permitted to move equipment.
  • Wipe down equipment utilizing a sanitizing gym wipe after every use.
  • Patrons must be at least 14 years of age. A parent/guardian must accompany dependants 14-17 years of age.
  • Appropriate workout clothing including shirts and closed toed shoes are required.
  • Small items like foam rollers, yoga mats, hip circle bands etc. must be checked out utilizing a student ID with the Weight Room Attendant.
  • 45 lb barbells may only be used at the corresponding bench or power rack.
  • Do not lean weights or bars of any kind against the walls, pillars, or equipment.
  • Personal training is not permitted, except by Spartan Rec Center Personal Trainers.
  • Food is not allowed in fitness areas.
  • Using collars/ clips on barbells is required. Place safety bars just an inch below the bottom of the range of motion. Do not remove the safety bars.
  • All dumbbells and weights must be re-racked after use. All free weights must be kept in free weight area.
  • Olympic Weightlifting is prohibited
  • Report all injuries and maintenance concerns to the Weight Room staff.
  • Please place personal items in the storage compartments available or in the locker room