About the CARE Team

CARE Team Mission Statement

USC Upstate denotes itself with a living-learning environment that holistically develops students for their futures.  The CARE Team provides a systematic but caring response to students in crisis or whose emotional, mental, physical or psychological health condition may threaten their wellbeing or the safety of the surrounding campus community.  Comprised of a dedicated cohort of professionals, the CARE Team extends a compassionate and confidential procedure for identification, intervention, and response in efforts supporting the students’ success as well as the University community’s protection.  The CARE Team abides by the following policies and procedures which are updated periodically.  These policies and procedures do not supplant any academic-based withdrawal nor dismissal policies nor any student disciplinary issues resolved by the Student Code of Conduct, the Code of Academic Integrity, or the Sexual Misconduct Adjudication Procedures.

Care Team Members

The CARE Team is a group of qualified and committed professionals who are likely to become involved with a student when an “R U OK?” or Student Affairs Reporting Form is submitted.  Regular committee members include:

Heather Hollis - Convener, CARE Team & Coordinator of the MAXIENT database for CARE issues & Coordinator for Student Conduct/Case Management issues

Julie McMahon - Director, Housing & Residence Life

Orinda Berger - Acting Director, Health Services

Klay Peterson - Chief, University Police Department & Director of Public Safety

Sarah Gildersleeve - Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Enrichment & Senior Woman Administrator

Jane Brown - ex-officio member, Director of Risk Management

Member Documents

CARE Team Confidentiality Agreement PDF Icon.png

CARE Evaluations PDF Icon.png

Student CARE Team

Sansbury Campus Life Center
Division of Student Affairs
Suite 220
USC Upstate
180 Gramling Drive
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