Resources for Referred Students

Reviewing the CARE Team Referral and Initial Meeting

There are a number of responses the Care Team may take when it receives a referral. After a review of concerns in the Care Team referral, a Team member may give the student a phone call to check-in and/or send her/him the information for a resource that may be helpful to her/him.

Or, the Team may invite a student to a meeting to speak one-on-one about the concerns. The purpose of the meeting is to determine an action plan moving forward that will promote the student’s well-being and success at Upstate. In some instances, the CARE Team may ask the student to participate in an assessment by Counseling Services, including Psychiatry Services.

If the student feels more comfortable having an advisor with her/him during the meeting, please invite them and we will make accommodations. This person can be a family member, parent, attorney, student, faculty or staff member. Please note that because the meeting is confidential, students must sign a Release of Information waiver to permit the advisor to have access to the meeting and to the case.

Health Information Release Waivers

Counseling Services Release of Information Form (HIPAA) PDF Icon.png

Health Services Release of Information Form (HIPAA) PDF Icon.png

Academic, Conduct, and/or Employment Release of Personal Information Form (FERPA) PDF Icon.png

Assessments with Counseling Services, including Psychiatry Services

The assessment process generally consists of 1-2 hour-long sessions.  Counseling Services, including Psychiatry Services, will provide the student and the Care Team with a treatment recommendation after the assessment.

Completing Recommendations from Counseling Services, including Psychiatry Services

After receiving a recommendation from Counseling and Psychiatry the CARE Team may then schedule a Case Management Meeting to discuss the treatment recommendation, assist the student in setting up appointments with treatment providers, and answer any questions the student may have.

If the student is referred to an off-campus treatment facility, the Case Manager/Coordinator of the Student Conduct Office will support the student in finding a provider and ensure the proper documentation is provided to the CARE Team.  For the first appointment at an off-campus treatment facility, the student takes insurance information and expects to complete initial paperwork and an assessment.

Privacy Notice

In accordance with the Family Education Rights Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the access to student conduct and health records is carefully restricted to the minimum number of CARE Team members needed for each report, incident, or issue. Before any user is granted access to student records, the user will acknowledge confidentiality/student privacy provisions. On an annual basis, the list of users will be reviewed by the Director of Risk Management to ensure only the necessary individuals have access to student records, and also that they have acknowledged the confidentiality provision. CARE Team cases are student-centered, not punitive, and will not appear on a student’s academic record nor transcript. Case records are confidential and/or private without the student’s explicit and written permission, unless there is an immediate health or safety risk.