Let's Talk

What is Let’s Talk?

Let’s Talk was created to help support students that weren’t sure which direction to go through a brief consultation. Let’s Talk is a free and confidential program for all currently enrolled USC Upstate students. Each consultation will last about 15-20 minutes and no appointment is necessary. The role of the Let’s Talk clinician is to offer students support and resources in their presenting issues, which may include:

  • Stress
  • Difficulty adjusting to college
  • Academic concerns
  • Financial concerns
  • Family problems
  • Relationship concerns
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Where is Let’s Talk?

Let’s Talk is scheduled on various days throughout campus. Please check the Calendar Schedule below, to see where Let’s Talk is being offered closest to you.

How is Let’s Talk different from counseling?

  • It is a brief consultation (approximately 15 minutes)
  • There is no paperwork to complete
  • It takes place outside of the University Counseling Center
  • An appointment is not necessary

What happens in a Let’s Talk session?

A licensed clinician will listen to your concern, will ask you some questions, and will work to understand your goal for coming to Let’s Talk. Once your problem and goal are clear, depending upon your needs, the consultant will offer you suggestions for addressing the concern. You are welcome to return to Let’s Talk at another time, but this decision is up to you.

Who should visit Let’s Talk?

Let’s Talk is open to all current USC Upstate students. However, Let’s Talk is best suited for the following people:

  • Students who are not sure about counseling and are trying to figure out what it is like to talk with a therapist
  • Students who are not interested in on-going counseling but would like the perspective of a therapist;
  • Students who have a specific problem and would like someone with whom they could talk;
  • Students who have a concern about a friend and would like some perspective on what to do.

Limits to Confidentiality

Conversations with Let’s Talk Consultants are confidential, with a few rare exceptions. Clinicians may need to share information in an emergency when there is an immediate threat of harm to yourself or to others. Clinicians are required by law to report when a minor, elderly person, or a vulnerable adult is being abused. If you have further questions about confidentiality, please contact USC Upstate Counseling Services at 864-503-5195.

Please remember:

Although Let’s Talk Consultants are also mental health professionals, Let’s Talk is not a substitute for psychotherapy or formal counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment. Let’s Talk is for consultation about a specific problem. Most students come to Let’s Talk only once or twice. It is also a place where students are able to have questions answered about formal counseling. Your Let’s Talk consultant can help you determine whether formal counseling would be useful for you.

If you have any questions about Let’s Talk, please contact the USC Upstate Counseling Services at 864-503-5195.


Let’s Talk! Fall 2023 Semester Dates

All Let’s Talk! Events will be from 11:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the scheduled location.

September 6: Library, first floor (near conference room)
September 13: Student Success Center (Library, 2nd floor)
September 19: CASB Lobby (near room 111)
September 20: HEC (second floor)
September 27: CLC 2nd floor Lobby (near room 202)

October 4: TBD
October 11: George (near room 110)
October 17: Student Success Center (Library, 2nd floor)
October 18: CASB lobby (near room 111)
October 25: CLC 2nd floor Lobby (near room 202)

November 1: Library (1st floor, near conference room)
November 8: CLC 2nd floor lobby (near room 202)
November 14: Student Success Center
November 15: HEC (2nd floor)
November 29: Student Success Center (Library, 2nd floor)

December 6: Treehouses