Counseling Services Policies & Forms

Policies for using counseling services


Students who are actively enrolled at USC Upstate will be eligible for counseling, testing, and psychiatric services.  Active enrollment is defined as being currently registered for at least one (1) credit hour.  Students who have withdrawn at any point in the semester are no longer eligible for services.

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Consent for Treatment of Minors

Scholars Academy students and USC Upstate students who are ages 14 and 15 years of age require a signed, notarized consent from a legal guardian.

Students ages 16 and 17 years of age do not require a signed consent to engage in services.

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Scope of Service

Counseling Services offers care that is provided by licensed mental health staff or direct supervisees, within an appropriate scope of practice, meaning delivering services consistent with level of training, experience, and competence. Services are provided to clients appropriate for outpatient mental health services while they are enrolled as students at USC Upstate. If it is determined that a client requires services outside of Counseling Services’ scope of practice or care, staff will assist clients by providing an appropriate off-campus referral.

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Please call if you need to cancel your appointment. A student’s first no-show fee ($25) of the academic year (August 1 - July 31) for a counseling or testing appointments will be waived.  Upon a second missed appointment (balance of $50) the student must pay the entirety of the balance before continuation of services.  No-show fees for missed psychiatry appointments will not be waived, and the student must pay this $25 fee before rescheduling their psychiatry appointment.  

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Students who no-show an appointment for three times in a row (consecutively) will need to speak to either their counselor or the Director prior to rescheduling. 

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