Housing Rates and Fees

Rates and fees for applications, advanced room placement, and cancellations.

Application Fee

  • Summer Housing: $50
  • Academic Year (Fall/Spring): $50

Advanced Room Placement (must be paid before room assignments are made)

  • Summer Housing: $0
  • Academic Year (Fall/Spring): $100
  • This fee is refundable if housing is canceled in writing before June 1, 2022.

*Returning students who apply from February 21 - March  11, 2022 are only required to pay the $50 application fee.

Failure to Notify of Cancellation: $100

  • The deadline to cancel summer housing is May 1, 2022. Anyone who cancels their summer housing application after this deadline will be assessed a $100 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation for Fall 2022 must occur in writing prior to August 13, 2022.  Anyone who cancels on or after this deadline will be assessed a $240 no-show fee.

Contract Release (subject to approval by committee)

  • Summer Housing: Resident will be responsible for the full rent of any space occupied a minimum of 24 hours and 40 percent of the remaining value of the contract.
  • Academic Year (Fall/Spring): 40 percent of the remaining value of the contract.

2023-2024 Rates*

Tree Houses (Magnolia and Palmetto Houses): 

  • Double: $3,007/semester | $6,014 annual | $25.00 per day rate
  • Single:  $3,602/semester |  $7,204 annual | $29.00 per day rate 

Villas Apartments:

  • Double: $2,670/semester | $5,340 annual | $22.00 per day rate 
  • Single: $4,000/semester | $8,000 annual | $32.25 per day rate

*These rates do not include meal plan prices.

Residential Student Technology Fee (2022-2023 rate):  $50 per semester 

Residential Activity Fee: $10 per semester

Bed Lifting Fee: $65
Bed Lofting Fee: $77

*This fee is uploaded to a student's account when the Bed Loft Request Form is submitted

Damage/Cleaning: The assistant director in your community will work with maintenance to determine the cost of damages or cleaning that is documented at move-out. Residents will only be billed for the actual cost of materials, supplies and labor needed to complete the work. The assistant director in each community will notify his/her residents of any damage or cleaning fees that will be billed.       

Lockouts: Residents are allowed three lockouts (per year) before being charged $25 per lockout.