Proud student with mother moving into her dorm room

Move UP

Move Up Day welcomes first year students into the Spartan Community and celebrates them as they begin their college career. Move Up Day symbolizes moving up in the world through education and is also an experience of moving up into adulthood.

Not sure what to expect from Move UP or what to bring? Do not worry. You will find great information here!

2018 Move UP - Dates and Times
Magnolia House: Sunday, Aug. 19 from 8 a.m. to Noon.
Palmetto House: Sunday, Aug. 19 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
The Villas: Tuesday, Aug. 21 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
*Please note, freshman assigned to The Villas may move in Sunday,  Aug.19 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Important:  You will need to have your USC Upstate ID with you in order to check into Housing. If you do not have your ID, please stop by the USC Upstate Police Department and have your ID made prior to coming to Housing. If your arrive at Housing without your ID, you will be asked to go to the police department and have one made before being allowed to check into Housing. Students must be compliant with the online alcohol education requirement, immunization requirement, and have their bill paid or a payment plan set up prior to receiving access to their room.

2018 Move UP Guide and Other Helpful Links

2018 Move UP Traffic Information:

For Move UP 2018 on Aug. 19, the USC Upstate Police Department will be handling all traffic and control of parking lots. A section of Hodge Drive will be completely closed to traffic in order to protect the heavy pedestrian traffic expected.  

If you are a faculty/staff volunteer, please park at the University Readiness Center and walk to the residential area.

If you are a student and/or family member, please enter campus using North Campus Boulevard. Hodge Drive, the street that runs next to the residential area and through campus, will be closed to two-way traffic on the Aug. 19. The section of Hodge Drive directly in front of the Treehouses will be closed completely. 

Residents of the Palmetto House who are directed to park in the parking lot directly across from the Palmetto House will be able to exit the residential area using Hodge Drive but will have to re-enter the area via North Campus Boulevard. 

If you are an early move-in or summer resident, you will be able to leave the residential area using Hodge Drive, on Aug. 19. You will not be able to use Hodge Drive to return to the area. Please note, the gates will be locked from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Early Arrival and Late Departure

Housing and Residential Life does try to accommodate requests for students wishing to move in early or needing to depart after the official closing of the residence halls. Requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and are dependent on the summer conference schedule as well as custodial and maintenance work. 

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Early arrivals and late leavers will be held to all housing policies.  However, during the period of time before or after a semester ends, students will not be permitted to host guests. Students who violate housing policies during this time will be asked to leave immediately. No fee refund will be made. Please note, campus food service operations are limited during these times. Fees associated with early arrival or late departure will be billed to the student or sponsoring department’s (if applicable) account at the beginning of the period.

Early Arrival

An early arrival is any student who is requesting to move in to their permanent room assignment prior to the beginning of the fall or spring semester. Students who request to move in early will be charged a per day rate based on their permanent assignment.

Anyone who would like to move in early should complete the online request form. The fee schedule is listed below. All requests will receive an email confirmation if your request has been approved. HRL must verify your space will be ready by the date you request. Due to needs related to summer housing and summer conferences, your assigned room for fall may not be available at the date you would like to move in.

Nightly Rates:


  • Single Room: $25.97
  • Double Room: $21.65


  • Single Room: $27.92
  • Double Room: $19.24

Students required to be on campus prior to the beginning of the semester because of their involvement in school sanctioned activities (approved pre-season athletic practice, on campus employment, student organization retreats), must have the sponsor of the activity make a request for the group by contacting the HRL office via email: Once approved, these students will be allowed to move in one business day prior to the beginning of their required school sanctioned activity. 

Late Leaver

A late leaver is a student who requests to stay after the conclusion of the housing contract or fails to vacate by the published deadline. This deadline is posted at the conclusion of the spring semester throughout the Villas and Treehouses. Students who are graduating are permitted to remain in campus housing for 24 hours after graduation. Students who request to remain beyond five days after the closing of the residence halls will be required to complete a Maymester contract and, if residing in the Treehouses, will be required to move to the Villas.

Students requesting to stay beyond the conclusion of the contract should complete the online request form found here. Unless staying beyond the end of the contract due to a school sanctioned event, all students staying beyond their contract will be subject to a per day fee.

Students who remain on campus beyond the conclusion of the contract because of their involvement in school sanctioned activities (approved pre-season athletic practice, on campus employment or student organization retreats), must have the sponsor of their activity make a request for the group by contacting the HRL office via email: Students are expected to schedule a check-out time through the HRL office and are required to vacate their space 24 hours after the conclusion of the school sanctioned activity.


Bed Lofting/Bed Lifting

Housing and Residential Life at USC Upstate offers two bed configurations to fit the comfort of every resident while they are away from home. 

Please note, there is a $25 charge to have your bed lifted. This fee is uploaded to a student's account everytime the that Bed Loft Request Form is submitted.


Standard Bed

  • 30 inches from the floor
  • All rooms will be at this height upon resident arrival 
Standard Bed

Lifted Bed

  • 39 inches from the floor 
 Lifted Bed