Bed Lofting

Housing and Residential Life at USC Upstate offers three bed configurations to fit the comfort of every resident while they are away from home. 

Please note, there is a $25 charge to have your bed lifted. This fee is uploaded to a student's account every time the that Bed Loft Request Form is submitted.

If you would like to have your bed lifted or lofted please complete Bed Lifting Request Form at the bottom of this page. .  The deadline to submit your request is August 15.  


Standard Bed

  • 30 inches from the floor
  • All rooms will be at this height upon resident arrival
Standard Bed

Lifted Bed

  • 39 inches from the floor
 Lifted Bed

Lofted Bed

  • 70 inches from the floor
  • Provided desk and stacked drawers will fit underneath.
  • Support beam is attached for stability.

Bed Lift / Loft Request

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2019-2020 Release of Liability for Voluntary Request for Lifted / Lofted Beds

Release of Liability