Room Assignments at USC Upstate

Room Assignments

Students must be accepted to USC Upstate before applying for housing.

  • To start the room assignment process, you must complete the online housing application through Self-Service Carolina. You must also pay the $100 advance room placement fee and $50 application fee to participate in the assignment process. The date that all housing application materials are submitted will be used to determine your room assignment and priority.
  • Single occupancy rooms for freshmen are limited in number and are assigned based on priority following Housing Accommodation.
  • Roommate requests can be made two different ways. The first way is for the student to select their preferred roommate(s) on the housing application. The second way is for the student to send an email to with their roommate request. All roommate requests must be mutual, so it is very important that all parties either select each other on the housing application or send an email to
  • If you do not have a preferred roommate, you will be matched to one using the answers to the roommate matching questions. Factors that are taken into consideration are wake up time, bedtime, introvert/extrovert and major.  
  • Athletes are assigned rooms based on the recommendations of their respective coaches. If you are an athlete who has a specific room type or roommate preference, please consult with your coach so that he/she has that information when reserving your housing.
  • What can impact roommate requests:
    • Housing and Residential Life is unable to verify that both students want to be roommates (the arrangement is mutual). Each student must either select the other on the housing application or send an email to Housing and Residential Life stating they want to be together.
    • The housing application submit dates are different. The more time elapses between the submit dates, the chance of being roommates lessens.
    • One student has not applied for housing or has not paid the $150 application fee/advance rent payment.
    • There are no more rooms that have either two or four open beds. Generally, by the time orientation occurs, space is limited and it is difficult to accommodate roommate requests.
    • One student has a higher priority date and is on the single wait list while the other student will remain in a double.
    • If all students select singles, and I am out of singles, the students are placed in a double and put on the singles waiting list. The students are moved automatically (one at a time) to a single when a cancellation occurs. This means that they will not be together. If you do not want this to happen, you must send an email to Housing and Residential Life asking not to be put on the singles waiting list. The demand for singles is very high and we generally start working from a waiting list in February.
Housing assignments for freshmen are published to Self Service Carolina by 10a.m on Monday July 19.  Simply go to the same place where you clicked on the link for the housing application. Under that link, you will see your room assignment and the email addresses of your roommates and suitemates.