Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to consolidate residents when occupancy is not at full capacity. As the policy states:

“In order to maximize housing space, Housing and Residential Life reserves the right to move residents from one unit to another at any time deemed necessary by the Director. Although Housing and Residential Life will make every possible effort to contact all affected by a move, the office reserves the right to fill any vacancy as deemed necessary without prior knowledge of the residents.”

Consolidation is a process that is performed every August and January, immediately after move in.

Please note, if you move in and do not have a roommate assigned to your room or your roommate did not move in, you are subject to the consolidation process.

The consolidation process timeline is described below.

First Week in August (Pre-Consolidation)
Residents that do not have a roommate assigned are consolidated prior to move in. Thus, it is important to check Self Service Carolina during the weeks before Opening Day to see if your room assignment has been changed.

Opening Day
All residents move into their space as assigned.

First Week after Opening Day
No shows are confirmed. Open spaces are identified.

Second Week after Opening Day
Any resident that does not have a roommate is subject to consolidation. These residents are given a letter that explains their three options:

1) The student may “buy out” the room and turn it into a “Super Single.” The fee difference between a single and a double will be uploaded to the student’s Upstate account and the student will not receive a roommate for the remainder of the year. (Please note, single room rate fees will apply to the spring semester as well.)

2) The student may request to move in with another student that has an open space in their room.

3) The student may leave it up to Housing to select where they move.

The form is due to the Housing Office by Friday at noon of this week. If the student does not turn in a form, option #3 will be selected for them.

Third Week after Opening Day
Students who are moving due to consolidation will pick up keys on Wednesday of this week. Please note, Housing & Residential Life will provide boxes and moving assistance.

Students will checkout of their old room and turn in old keys by the following Monday.