Fraternity and Sorority Life Recognition Project

Our plan

To celebrate the contributions and vibrancy that fraternities and sororities bring to USC Upstate, we have begun a fundraising campaign for a two-phase Fraternity and Sorority Campus Recognition project.

Phase 1 consisted of designing and installing lamppost banners for each of our active chapters and was completed at the start of Spring 2020!

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Phase 2 consists of raising funds to help create a permanent recognition space on campus for fraternity and sorority life.

Beautiful stone structures will be developed to celebrate and recognize the history of fraternity and sorority life on campus. These structures will become a place of pride and a gathering space for members and alumni to enjoy when visiting USC Upstate.

Your support today will help jump-start Phase 2 and help create a tangible legacy for USC Upstate Fraternity and Sorority Life.

How to Give:

  1. Visit
  2. Under "Designation" section, select "Other"
  3. Type "Fraternity and Sorority Life"
  4. Complete the rest of the form and submit