Standards of Fraternal Excellence

Standards of fraternal excellence (SOFE)

Introduced in Fall 2018, the Standards of Fraternal Excellence (SOFE) are a way to 1) establish a standard for fraternal organizational operations at Upstate, 2) provide chapters with semester goals, 3) hold each chapter to the same standards, and 4) to qualify for recognition for campus awards.

Chapters will be “graded” in different areas that have been identified as important aspects of fraternal operations that contribute to establishing fraternities and sororities as relevant, needed, and desired parts of the USC Upstate community. 

Review our SOFE packet and supplemental spreadsheet for more information:

Community Scorecard

The Community Scorecard is a byproduct of SOFE. It shows data for each chapter relating to semester GPA, cumulative GPA, philanthropy dollars raised (if reported), and service hours performed (if reported) among other measurements of achievement.

Choosing to join a fraternal organization is a lifelong and important choice. We believe that the only way to make that decision is by being well-informed. For that reason, transparency is paramount within and amongst our community. 

The following are in PDF format PDF icon image

Spring 2021 Community Scorecard
Fall 2020 Community Scorecard
Spring 2020 Community Scorecard*
Fall 2019 Community Scorecard
Spring 2019 Community Scorecard
Fall 2018 Community Grade Report Scorecard

* Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, we have made the decision not to post a Spring 2020 Community Scorecard

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