Student Organization Policies and Procedures

The Majority of all Policies and Procedures that apply to Student Organizations can be found in our Student Organization Handbook. This handbook is a always up-to-date so please use this link whenever you are looking for guidance. If you have questions, please email Student Involvement

Listed below are the current USC Upstate policies and procedures that apply specifically to Student Involvement and Student Organizations.

3.01 - Advisors for Student Organizations
3.03 - Late Night Event
3.05 - Hazing
3.09 - Registered Student Organizations
3.11 - Posting Promotional Material, Including Banners
3.22 - Fundraising by Student Organizations
3.23 - Outdoor Event Registration
Student Code of Conduct
Alcohol Beverage Policy
Tailgating Policy
Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment Resolution Procedures

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