Student Organizations at USC Upstate

Student Organizations

Get Involved

Research has shown that students who get involved in at least one student organization are more successful in their academic pursuits and are more likely to have a positive college experience. Getting involved is also a great way for you to meet other students with like interests and to interact with Upstate faculty or staff members outside of the classroom. Our annual Premiere Fair in August and Winter Blast in January are great opportunities to learn more about ways to get involved both on and off campus!

With more than 90 registered student organizations* at USC Upstate, we have a little bit of something for everyone. Our organizations are broken down into seven categories: University sponsored; academic and professional; honors; faith, spirituality, or belief-based; fraternity and sorority; performance groups and special interest. 

University Sponsored

Organizations that are considered University Sponsored are fully funded by the University and provide the major programming and publications at USC Upstate. To find out more about the organizations, follow the links below.

Academic & Professional

Organizations in this category are either connected to an academic department, major or minor and are advised by a faculty member or administrator from that department. Getting involved in an academic organization is a great way for you to learn more about your major/minor, to interact with faculty outside of the classroom, or to learn more about an academic area in which you are interested.


Honors organizations are student groups that recognize the academic achievements of USC Upstate students in a chosen field of study or academic classification. Some organizations are connected to a specific major while others are open to all USC Upstate students who meet a minimum GPA requirement. Admittance into these organizations is by invitation only.

Faith, Spirituality, or Belief-Based

Faith, spirituality or belief-based organizations provide a community for USC Upstate students who share similar worldviews and ideologies, or who are exploring new facets of faith or spirituality. Some organizations are directly affiliated with local congregations, some are part of the student organization's national network, and others are grassroots organizations founded to meet the needs of current students.

Fraternities and Sororities

USC Upstate is home to 13 active fraternities and sororities that are governed by three councils: The Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC), National-Panhellenic Council (NPHC) and Panhellenic Council (PC).

IFC Fraternities limit their membership to male students at USC Upstate. NPHC is the governance council for historically African-American fraternities and sororities, membership is limited to USC Upstate Students. Panhellenic organizations limit their membership to female students at USC Upstate.


Do you like to act or sing? Do you play an instrument? USC Upstate has five groups that provide students with the opportunity to pursue their interests in the performance arts. These organizations are advised by USC Upstate faculty and several provide scholarship opportunities for their members. Contact the organizational advisers for more information about these scholarships.

Special Interest

Organizations that do not fall into the categories, above are considered Special Interest (sub-categories can be found on the corresponding list). These organizational topics range from social issues to athletics and everything in between. The majority of these organizations are advised by USC Upstate faculty or staff, some are advised by members of the local community with expertise in the related area. Joining one of these organizations is a great way for you meet other students with like interests or to learn more about a topic that interests you. 

*Please note: The corresponding lists reflect organizations that were active with the Office of Student Life or an academic department within the last two academic years. For the most up-to-date list of active organizations, please contact the Office of Student Life at 864-503-5122.

Academic & Professional

Accounting Club
The mission of the Accounting Club is to provide the students of USC Upstate a window into the future of an accounting career, to shake knowledge of the accounting field, to locate professionals to share their experiences, to make connections with other accounting students and to inspire others to pursue the area of accounting. Sponsored by the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics. For more information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Cole at 864-503-5594.

Chemistry Club
The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to stimulate and maintain an interest in the field of chemistry through bi-weekly meetings. Sponsored by faculty in Natural Sciences and Engineering. For more information contact Dr. Christopher Bender at 864-503-5755

Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) Club
The mission of the CAST Club is to promote interdisciplinary involvement in CAST, to provide awareness and service to the campus and local community about child abuse prevention efforts and to provide networking opportunities for students. For more information, contact Lynn McMillan at 864-503-5428

Club Art and Design
Club Art and Design is open to all USC Upstate students. Club Art and Design’s mission is to identify and develop activities that support the arts and enhance academic and professional development of its members. Special emphasis is given to the following three areas of study: graphic design, art education and art history. For more information contact Matthew Donaldson at 864-503-5829.

Computer Science Club
The Computer Science Club aims to promote a sense of community among CS/CIS students and to provide them with opportunities for intellectual growth and leadership development. We do this by holding informational talks, competitive team activities and arranging outings to various computer science events in the area. For more information, contact Nicole Tobias at 864-503-5348.

Engineering Management Student Association (EMSA)
The purpose of the USC Upstate Engineering Management Student Association (EMSA) is to promote engineering management profession. EMSA supports opportunities for the ETM students to utilize the leadership, teamwork and decision-making skills taught in the ETM curriculum outside the classroom environment. For more information, contact Tim Ellis at 864-503-5894.

French Club
The mission of the French Club is to enlighten the students on the USC Upstate campus about the overall culture of French society. The French aesthetics we teach will include: language, literature, film, music, traditions, ethics, ideology, formal and informal etiquette, history, politics, industry, travel, geography, cuisine, art and philosophy. We seek to establish outreach opportunities with international businesses, communities and centers in the Upstate and beyond to advocate for the importance of French studies. We strive for the fair and equal representation of French and Francophone culture on and off campus, as well as to introduce the student body to a unique cultural experience into the lives of French and Francophone citizens. For more information, contact Araceli Hernandez-Laroche at 864-503-5221.

Health Professionals Club
The Health Professionals Club offers meetings at which individuals in the health professions come and give lectures to students planning on going into their chosen field of study (pre-health, pre-pharmacy, etc.). Health Professionals Club also actively participates in community service. For more information contact Dr. Ginny Webb at 864-503-5976.

Historical Society, Upstate
The purpose of this organization is to promote an awareness of history, of things historical, of the discipline of history and its uses and of the application of history to contemporary situations. Every area of academics has a history behind it, so we invite students of all disciplines to join our organization. For more information contact Tammy Pike at 864-503-5549.

Math Club
The Math Club encourages math awareness and promotes interest in mathematics at USC upstate. Club meetings address issues important to USC Upstate students with an interest in mathematics or an intention to work in the field of mathematics. For more information contact Brett Barwick at 864-503-5206.

National Art Education Association, USC Upstate Student Chapter
USC Upstate Student Chapter of National Art Education Association is a pre-professional organization with members dedicated to art education. This chapter will provide an effective transition from art education preparation to professional practice. Furthermore, the chapter will sponsor service projects to promote art education on campus and the community at large. Some projects will include speakers, conferences and exhibitions to gain greater insight and perspective about teaching art. For more information contact Dr. Mary Lou Hightower at 864-503-5817.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a strategic alliance of colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations and students, whose mission to prepare and certify future nonprofit professionals to with American’s youth and families. For more information contact Dr. Charles Harrington at 864-503-5545.

Psychology Club
The mission of the Psychology Club is to promote interest in Psychology, inform others of the science of Psychology, provide service to the local community and help students network among themselves and in the community. For more information contact Kenneth Barideaux at 864-503-5777.

Science Club
The purpose of the Science Club is to give students with a passion of biological sciences and related subjects, topics, events, etc. the ability to broaden their learning experience. The members are able to explore the love of science in many contexts and supports its fundamental importance by participating in meetings and other activities. The students meet other individuals, who like them, share a passion for this subject. For more information contact Julie Smoak at 864-503-5366.

Student Marketing Association
The Student Marketing Association provides students with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of and appreciation for, the discipline of Marketing. The club seeks to identify member needs and to improve members with a value-added experience. The club seeks to do so by providing a mix of activities: company tours, guest speakers, attendance at marketing conferences, etc. The Marketing Club is sponsored by the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics. For more information, contact Dr. Julie Wade at 864-503-5590.

Student Nursing Association (Spartanburg and Greenville)
The Student Nurses Association (SNA) is a national organization that brings student nurses together to discuss current healthcare issues as well as celebrate the nursing profession. The state level informs each school's chapter of upcoming events and issues that are important for student nurses. The National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) has a national convention that raises new issues that affect the future of nursing. Founded in 1952, NSNA is a nonprofit organization for students enrolled in associate, baccalaureate, diploma and generic graduate nursing programs. It is dedicated to fostering the professional development of nursing students. In Greenville, for more information contact Stacie Hamilton. In Spartanburg, for more information contact Sally Smith or Monique Jones.

TEACh (Spartanburg and Greenville)
TEACh serves and acts on behalf of the needs, rights and well-being of all young children in the USC Upstate community and their families, with special emphasis on developmental and educational services and resources. It fosters the growth and development of the membership in their work with and on behalf of all students. For more information about the Spartanburg chapter contact Karen Lounsbury. For more information about the Greenville chapter contact Laura Kaufmann.

University Business Society
The mission of the University Business Society is to be an innovative organization that contributes to the success of its diverse student body by providing valuable networking opportunities. Our goal is to enhance our students knowledge and abilities to make ethical and responsible future business decisions. For more information contact Dr. Julie Wade at 864-503-5590.


Alpha Kappa Delta
Alpha Kappa Delta, International Sociology Honor Society, was founded in 1920. The Mu Chapter at USC Upstate was chartered in 2009. AKD recognizes students with outstanding academic achievements in sociology. Because the mission statement of AKD is "To investigate humanity for the purpose of service," students also engage in a number of service activities throughout the year. To be a member, students must be a sociology major or minor, have junior standing (completed at least 60 hours), have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher (both overall and in sociology), and must have completed at least four sociology courses at USC Upstate. For more information, contact Lizabeth Zack at 864-503-5739.

Alpha Mu Gamma
Alpha Mu Gamma is the national collegiate foreign language honor society of the United States, founded in 1931. Its primary purpose is that of honoring students for outstanding achievement in foreign language study in college. For more information contact Dr. June Carter at 864-503-5881.

Alpha Phi Sigma
Alpha Phi Sigma recognizes academic excellence of undergraduate and graduate students of criminal justice, as well as juris doctorate students. The goals of Alpha Phi Sigma are to honor and promote academic excellence, community service, educational leadership, and unity. Alpha Phi Sigma is the only criminal justice honor society which is a certified member of the Association of College Honor Societies and affiliated with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. For more information contact Dr. Michele Covington at 864-503-5719.

Alpha Psi Omega
Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society is an American recognition honor society recognizing participants in collegiate theatre. For more information contact Jimm Cox at 864-503-5697.

Alpha Sigma Lambda
ASL is an academic honor society for nontraditional students aged 25 or above who are combining work and raising families with earning a degree at USC Upstate. The organization has been at USC Upstate for six years. An induction ceremony is held in April to recognize nontraditional students usually with 3.6 or 3.7 and above academic averages. Nontraditional students nominate faculty for recognition as nontraditional student advocates. For more information contact Stacey Mills at 864-552-4218.

Beta Gamma Sigma
Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society recognizing the outstanding academic achievements of students enrolled in collegiate business and management programs accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Membership in the Society is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a baccalaureate program in business.

Gamma Beta Phi
Gamma Beta Phi, an honor and service organization, seeks to recognize and encourage excellence in education, to promote the development of leadership ability and character of its members and to foster, disseminate and improve education through service projects. For more information contact Dr. Richard Combes at 864-503-5676.

Honors Club
The Honors Program at the University of South Carolina Upstate provides an enriching educational opportunity for motivated students committed to academic excellence. Our program provides a unique learning environment that enriches and enhances students' academic careers by offering a curriculum of study designed to prepare them for life-long learning and achievements. For more information contact Catherine Canino at 864-503-5657.

Iota Iota Iota (Triota)
Triota shall be the primary unit of undergraduate student service and leadership in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. The purpose of this organization is to provide an environment of academic excellence, encourage undergraduate research and scholarship in Gender Studies, foster relationships among students and faculty, promote interest and awareness of gender issues and academically represent the Women's and Gender Studies Program at USC Upstate. For more information, contact Dr. Lisa Johnson at 864-503-5724.

Kappa Delta Pi
A chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national education honorary fraternity, was established at USC Upstate in the spring of 1978. It is open to juniors and seniors who have outstanding academic records and a strong commitment to the profession of education. This honor organization is composed of individuals who exhibit the ideals of scholarship, high personal standards and promise in teaching and related fields of education. Membership is by invitation. For more information, contact Rick Hartsell at 864-503-5628.

Lambda Pi Eta
The purpose of Lambda Pi Eta is to recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies, to stimulate interest in the field of communications, to promote and encourage professional development among communications majors and to provide the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communications. For more information contact Dr. Warren Bareiss at 864-503-5299.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars
The National Society of Collegiate Scholars recognizes academic achievement and provides opportunities for members to develop leadership skills. Members positively change their campuses and communities by participating in service activities as they prepare for future endeavors like internships, graduate school and careers. Along the way, members often make valuable connections with fellow high-achieving students. This involvement can make college a more rewarding experience. For more information contact Catherine Canino at 864-503-5657.

Phi Kappa Phi
Phi Kappa Phi, the nation's oldest and largest all-discipline honor society, is dedicated to the recognition and promotion of academic excellence in all fields of higher education. Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is by invitation only. Those invited to membership include the top 7.5 percent of last-term juniors and the top 10 percent of seniors, along with outstanding graduate students, faculty, professional staff and alumni. For more information contact Shannon Polchow at 864-503-5654.

Pi Sigma Alpha
Pi Sigma Alpha is the national political science honor society. The Nu Kappa chapter was chartered at USC Upstate in 1982. Membership is open to students who attain a B average, both overall and in political science courses. Applicants must have completed 10 semester hours in political science and be ranked in the upper third of their college class. For more information contact Trevor Rubenzer at 864-503-5633.

Psi Chi
Psi Chi, a National Honor Society in Psychology, was founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating and maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. The chapter at USC Upstate was chartered in 1993. To be eligible for membership, students must be psychology majors (or IDS bi-disciplinary majors) who have completed at least three semesters of college work including nine hours of psychology. Eligible students must rank in the top 35 percent of their class and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in psychology courses. For more information contact Susan Ruppel at 864-503-5786.

Sigma Tau Delta
The purposes of Sigma Tau Delta is to confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate and professional studies, to promote interest in literature and the English language on local campuses and their surrounding communities to foster the discipline of English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing. For more information contact George Williams at 864-503-5285.

Faith, Spirituality, or Belief-Based

Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) (formerly IGNITE)
BCM is a fellowship of college students seeking to find and implement God's purpose for them and their world. Through such experiences as fellowships, study groups, worship programs and service projects, individual and community growth is sought. BCM is open to all students. For more information contact Suzanne Bachelor via email or call or text at 864-266-0910.

Catholic Student Association
Worshiping and socializing with our peers, reinforcing personal ethics and sharing God’s word with others enhances the development of social, emotional and spiritual growth of our Catholic students. Acts of mercy (community service) and learning more about our faith are goals. For more information, check out our Facebook page, Catholic Student Association USC Upstate or contact Myles Alexander at 864-503-5826.

City Lights College Ministry (formerly the Bridge College Ministry of First North)
First North College Ministry is a family of college-aged young adults who share their journey of faith together. We meet at various times of the week for Bible study, worship and just hanging out to build healthy relationships. We have a passion to see others around us come to know the freedom that we have in Christ, and our lives are committed to sharing that message to those we love, live with, work with, study with, play sports with anyone God places in our path. Bring your questions, your doubts, your skepticism. We've all been there and we welcome all who seek the truth. "If you seek me with all your heart," declares the Lord, "I will be found by you." Jer. 29:13. For more information, contact Stephen McNeil.

CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) is a fellowship of followers of Jesus Christ who seek to live out their faith on the campus of USC Upstate. It is open to all students. For more information, contact Mark.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
The mission of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the Fellowship of the church. For more information, contact Reid Bowyer.

The Journey
The Journey takes the truth of Jesus Christ to the campus, community and world by producing leaders of African descent who are spiritually focused, financially responsible and morally fit. For more information, contact Upstate Journey.

Living on Purpose Campus Ministry
Living on Purpose Campus Ministry is an on campus bible study that is offered to equip, empower and encourage students to live victoriously through the inspired word of God. For more information contact LaSonya Genovese.

MERGE is a collegiate group that exists to unite college students across Spartanburg to experience God and love others in the process. For more information contact Hannah Wright.

Muslim Student Association
The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is an organization that aims to create a community for Muslim students at USC Upstate and to foster understanding and communication between students with any or no religious background. The MSA is a social group for Muslims of different cultures and a forum for non-Muslim students to learn more about Muslim culture and the peaceful nature and beauty of the religion. The MSA strives to promote unity among Muslim students, help educate those who want to learn more about Islam, and to help create a diverse and inclusive community at USC Upstate. For more information, contact David Damrel.

TruthSeekers Bible Study Club
Truthseekers is an organization that holds the primary focus of helping students gain a better understanding of God and of the Bible, and does so through personal discussions and small group Bible studies. For more information contact Dennis Artale.


Commercial Music Combo
A co-curricular, small group comprised of elite members of the Commercial Music Program. This combo performs classic and contemporary pop music for recruiting events, school functions and engagements in the community. Students earn one (1) credit for MUSC 125. Stipends are available for all participating students. For more information contact Nolan Stolz at 864-503-5263.

Gospel Choir
The USC Upstate Gordon-Colloms Gospel Choir is open to any student interested in gospel music. The choir meets on a regular basis to rehearse and presents several performances each year. Students may earn academic credit by registering for SMUS 129. For more information, contact Nolan Stolz at 864-503-5263.

Jazz Combo
The USC Upstate Jazz Combos are comprised of students both majoring in music or playing as a hobby. They perform concerts each semester and feature classic and contemporary jazz by artists such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Duke Ellington and Wayne Shorter. Students earn one (1) credit for MUSC 127/327. Stipends are available for all participating students. For more information contact Nolan Stolz at 864-503-5263.

Shoestring Players
The Shoestring Players theatre group presents several major productions each year, plus smaller presentations and original revues. Membership in the Players is open to all students interested in theatrical performance and production. For more information, contact Jimm Cox at 864-503-5697.

Upstate Vocal Ensemble
The Upstate Vocal Ensemble (formerly Chamber Choir) is a select choral ensemble that performs music of many genres (classical, jazz and pop) at many different venues both on and off campus. Membership is by audition only based on vocal ability and overall musicianship. Students earn one (1) credit for MUSC 132/332. Stipends are available for all participating students. For more information contact Nolan Stolz at 864-503-5263.

Special Interest

Advocacy and Awareness

Athlete Ally, Upstate
The mission of Upstate Athlete Ally is to create and foster an environment in which all members of the Upstate athletic community feel safe and comfortable being who they are regardless of gender identity, gender expression and/or sexual orientation. The main mission of Upstate Athlete Ally is to end homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in sports by educating and empowering straight and LGBT members of the Upstate campus and athletic communities to create a safe and welcoming athletic environment. For more information, contact Jim Griffis at 864-503-5660.

American Sign Language Club
The American Sign Language Club helps raise awareness and understanding of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (H.o.H.) cultures and the language to the public. Individuals will have opportunities to gain a better understanding of the language, as well as, the culture it is derived from. The club will provide opportunities for participants to come and improve their language skills in a safe, educational environment by offering simulative workshops, booths and social events within the University of South Carolina Upstate’s campus community. For more information, contact Sarah Hunt-Barron at 864-503-5644.

Disability Acceptance, Awareness and Advocacy (DA3, formerly NAMI)
DA3’s mission is to promote acceptance of disability and mental illness on campus, raise awareness of the culture and history surrounding disability and mental illness, and advocate on behalf of students with disabilities and mental illnesses through educational events, peer led support groups and promotion of and assistance utilizing resources both on and off campus. For more information, contact Elizabeth Jodoin at 864-503-5195.

Gay-Straight Alliance (formerly PRISM)
Prism is a support group created for the LGBTQ students, faculty, staff and allies at USC Upstate. We value respect, togetherness and knowledge. Prism is a safe place on campus to build new relationships, talk about LGBTQ issues and share what we know as well as to confide in one another through our support groups. As an organization, we hope to serve you with support, fun and education about the LGBTQ community. For more information, contact Ronald Patane at 864-503-5029.

National Association of Colored People (NAACP)
The mission of the USC Upstate Collegiate chapter of the NAACP is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. For more information, contact Michael Moton at 864-503-5333.

Non-Traditional Student Assembly (NTSA)
The mission of the Non-Traditional Student Assembly is to encourage and coordinate support, education and advocacy for the adult learner. For more information contact, Lizabeth Zack at 864-503-5739.

Student Veterans Association (SVA)
The mission of the USC Upstate Student Veterans Association is to connect veterans with resources needed for success and cultivate a veteran supportive environment. For more information, contact Tina Herzberg at 864-503-5572.

#WeNeedToTalk is a movement that promotes culture, consciousness,and social development through insightful and introspective discussion forums, networking events and seminars. We focus on issues that divide humanity economically, socially, culturally and politically by bringing people of different walks of life together through open and frank discussions. For more information, contact Michelle Garland.

Event Programming

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
The purpose of CAB is to involve students in creating and planning social events for the campus community. CAB aims to provide a diverse range of programs for students that allow them to develop socially, while simultaneously attempting to create a more unified campus. CAB serves as the student-led programming branch of the Office of Student Life. For more information contact CAB at 864-503-5122.


A. Bevy Productions
The purpose of A. Bevy Productions, Inc. at USC Upstate is to provide a means for progressive focus and to incite an exponential increase in the growth for one's self, community and world. This shall be done through the purpose-filled events and fundraisers throughout the USC Upstate community. For more information, contact Ebony Smith at 864-503-5966.

Black Student Leaders (BSL)
Black Student Leaders (BSL) strives to increase cultural awareness, foster harmonious interracial relations among all the members of the University community, and promote the development of its members as individuals. Annual participation in a variety of Black History Month and annual sponsorship of HIV/AIDS Awareness Week activities highlights the group’s active contributions to campus life. BSL is open to all students. For more information contact Daphnie Glenn at 864-503-5427.

Hispanic Awareness Association (HAA)
The purpose of the Hispanic Awareness Association (HAA) is to provide support and guidance of Hispanic students and to educate and share the many facets of Hispanic culture with USC Upstate. HAA is open to all students. For more information contact Shannon Polchow at 864-503-5654.

International Club
The International Club strives to help others realize the values of other cultures and help the international students adjust to and navigate through American culture. The International Club is open to all students. For more information contact Patrick McCleary at 864-503-5675.

Study Abroad Association
The purpose of the Study Abroad Association is to provide an environment in which returning study abroad students are able to actively share their experiences with individuals and the campus-at-large through peer mentoring and various cultural, service and social activities. For more information, contact Patrick McCleary.


Carolinian, The
The Carolinian is the bi-monthly campus newspaper. It contains a wealth of information pertaining to student life, such as club news, athletic results, upcoming events, interesting features and much more. The Carolinian is published entirely by students, and the staff is always looking for news and feature writers, sports reporters, photographers and advertising representatives. For more information contact Allison Ludwig or David Wallace.

writersINC is the annual, student-run, literary journal of USC Upstate. It features literature submitted by writers from both USC Upstate and various neighboring two-year institutions. Our aim is simple: to provide a literary outlet which furthers the ideals of free literary expression and embodies the individual talent found in the student body. For more information, contact writersINC at 864-503-5836.


College Democrats at Upstate
College Democrats strive to introduce and educate Upstate Students on the ideas and platforms of the Democratic Party, to inform students and to create interest in politics. For more information, contact Trevor Rubenzer at 864-503-5633.

College Republicans at Upstate
The College Republicans makes known and promotes the principles of the Republican Party among students at USC Upstate. Members aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government and recruit USC Upstate students as members of the Republican Party. The group also works to develop political skills and leadership abilities among students as preparation for future service by them to the party and the community. For more information, contact Jim Griffis at 864-503-5660.

Sports & Recreation

Fishing Team, Upstate
The Upstate Fishing Team is a team for angling enthusiasts that strive to pursue collegiate tournaments as well as to enjoy the sport here in local lakes. This team is made up of students, faculty and staff to enhance the overall college experience and networking with other anglers. For more information contact Mark Ritter at 864-503-5939.

Jiu Jitsu Club
Based on techniques that have evolved over hundreds of years, Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu provides an extremely effective self-defense system against virtually any attacker, unarmed or otherwise. This system, taught in a friendly club atmosphere, can be used by anyone irrespective of strength, weight or gender. All you need to start is loose clothing. The club meets twice a week and progressively builds upon lessons learned throughout the semester. For more information contact Michael Mallen.

Spartan Warriors Dance Team, Upstate
The Upstate Spartan Warriors Dance team, is an organization that brings school spirit with dance. We perform jazz, hip-hip, contemporary and other dance styled routines at school events. We strive to put forth our best effort and bring out the Spartan in the students and community. For more information, contact Christi Stanton.

Volleyball Club, Upstate
The purpose of the USC Upstate Club Volleyball Team is to give former high school volleyball players a competitive league to play in. This club is created for those who are passionate about volleyball and would love the opportunity to increase their competitive level of play! For more information contact Mark Ritter at 864-503-5939.

Student Governance

Student Government Association (SGA)
The USC Upstate Student Government Association (SGA) is a self-governing entity of the student body. It is the primary liaison between students, faculty and administration. SGA is your voice on campus. For more information contact SGA at 864-503-5122.


IMPACT, a community service organization, helps unite the campus and community by promoting good relations among students, faculty members and administrators, and serves as the student-led community service branch of the Office of Student Life. Community service opportunities may include, but are not limited to: monthly service projects in the Greater Spartanburg Area, Spartan Day of Service, annual Fall Break Day of Service, Haunted Hollow, Angel Tree and Annual Alternative Spring Break (ASB).For more information contact IMPACT at 864-503-5122.


Anime Club
The Anime Club exists to provide students an opportunity to meet other individuals interested in Japanese anime and to promote the understanding of animation. For more information contact David Coberly at 864-503-5830.

Avant Garde Fashion Guild, The
The Avant Garde Fashion Guild is for the forward thinking, fashionably aware, business savvy individuals wishing to make new avenues in the fashion and art industry. By combining art, fashion, and business concepts into one, we turn an art form of outward expression into a business platform of endless possibilities. For more information, contact Daphnie Glenn at 864-503-5427.

Chapter Chat
The purpose of Chapter Chat is to immerse its members into the world of books. Each member will have a chance to read and lead discussions on a book of his/her choosing. This club is great for anyone who likes to read, discuss literature and have fun! For more information contact Tasha Thomas at 864-503-5653.

Community Garden
The USC Upstate Community Garden (started in June 2013) recently expanded its footprint on campus due to a generous grant from Mrs. Patricia Moore-Pastides (wife of USC System President Harris Pastides) to include space that was once occupied by one of the portable classroom buildings (Annex 1). As such, we now have seven beds in the original garden and four more beds in the expansion phase that can be adopted by a team from the USC Upstate community (faculty, staff, students and alumni). There is no cost to use the plots, but you will need to provide your own seeds/plants. We have a variety of fertilizers and tools which garden members are free to use. For more information, contact Chris Bender at 864-503-5755.

Future Filmmakers Club
The Future Filmmakers Club allows students to have an interest in one area of film to experience the process of filmmaking. Members write, shoot and edit short films. Members also view and critique new and old films while discussing the elements of filmmaking. For more information contact Peter Caster at 864-503-5677.

Knit & Crochet Club, Upstate
Bring friends and crochet and knit with us! We can teach you the basics of crocheting and knitting so don't be afraid to join! It's easy to learn, fun, relaxing and best of all it's free! Many of our projects that we make together as a club will be donated to local charities. For more information contact Cindy Griffis at 864-503-5560.

Student Alumni Council (SAC)
The Student Alumni Council (SAC) was established in 2010 to foster the “Spartan Spirit,” and present leadership opportunities to both alumni and students of the University of South Carolina Upstate. For more information, contact Stephen Frey at 864-503-5306.