Sport Clubs at USC Upstate

Sport Clubs

Do you have the skills, passion and desire it takes to be the member of a traveling sports team? As a part of the Department of Campus Recreation, the Sport Club Program is designed to provide opportunities for the Upstate community to further their common interests in an activity through participation and competition. Each program is a registered student organization, designed to bring together students with similar sporting interests. These programs are devised to promote and develop student leadership and development within the organization.

Below are the current active Sport Clubs here at USC Upstate.

  • The purpose of the Upstate Fishing Team shall be:

    A)  To unite students, male and female, through the sport of fishing.

    B)  To help students develop bass fishing skills, and promote sportsmanship through bass fishing competition.

    C)  To promote nature conservation and encourage the preservation of fishing’s natural resources.

    D)  To educate and train students to compete athletically in the sport of bass fishing; and to represent University of South Carolina Upstate in regional and national intercollegiate bass fishing tournaments.

    For more information, please contact Quinn Graybill.

  • The purpose and/or mission of the USC Upstate Club Volleyball Team is to give volleyball players a more competitive league to play in than what is offered through the intramural program. Many girls and boys who have played volleyball in high school are used to a higher level of competition, more specific rules and experienced referees. This league will give these players a chance to be a part of a team again, a team that is working hard to achieve the same goal.

    This club is open for men and women who are passionate about the sport of volleyball and would love the opportunity to increase their competitive level of play or knowledge of the sport.

    For more information, please contact Dillon Noffsinger.

  • Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that will demand the physical and mental focus of every participant. To ensure that all training sessions are done with the safety of its members in mind, every member will be expected to participate with a sense of discipline and respect for both club members and instructors alike. The instructors themselves, or those the instructors designate, will address individual member responsibilities on their first day of class every semester. 

    For more Information, please contact Nkauj Li Diane Lee.

Create Your Own Club

Don't see a club listed that you'd be interested in? If so, start your own! 

For more information on starting your new club, contact Mike Medlin.

Important Information

Important forms required for all current club members.

Sport Club Waiver

Sport Club Manual

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