Public Safety and Parking at USC Upstate

Department of Public Safety and Parking Services

Full-Service 24-Hour Police Department

The University of South Carolina Upstate maintains a full-service 24-hour Police Department staffed by certified law enforcement officers fully accredited by the State of South Carolina and nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

Our mission

The Department of Public Safety exists to serve and protect the physical and human assets of the University of South Carolina Upstate by promoting and maintaining a safe, secure and healthy campus environment. This is realized through engaged community-oriented policing, effective fire prevention and inspection, service-oriented Fleet Management operations, efficient Parking Services and a professionally run Office of Risk Management.

Our mission significantly contributes to and supports an environment where staff, students and faculty may flourish in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Fire and Crime Log

The purpose of the fire and crime log is to record all incidents of fires in student housing facilities, criminal incidents, and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to University Police. This log is available for public viewing during normal business hours at the Department of Public Safety located at 219 North Campus Blvd., Spartanburg, SC 29303. The clery fire and crime log can also be viewed online at the Crime and Incident Reports link below. 

Our Services

University Police

The University of South Carolina Upstate maintains a full-service 24-hour Police Department staffed by certified law enforcement officers fully accredited by the State of South Carolina. Police Officers patrol the campus in clearly marked vehicles, bicycles, electric carts and foot patrol. The University Police Department may be reached for emergencies at any time by dialing 911 from campus telephones, cellular phones or off-campus telephones. For non-emergency calls, dial 7777 from campus telephones or 864-503-7777 from cellular telephones or off-campus telephones. For after hours, non-emergency calls dial 864-357-3008.

Services include the delivery of security awareness and crime prevention programs, student escorts, securing campus buildings, VIP protection, assisting stranded motorists, providing helpful, friendly information to guests and visitors, managing the University card access control system, monitoring the closed circuit television system (CCTV), student mentoring, managing the Lost and Found, responding to campus fire and burglar alarms, investigating reported violations of state law and University policy, traffic enforcement, staffing of student and other special events and a host of other services.

Parking Services

This division enforces campus parking regulations, manages the parking decal distribution system, facilitates transfer of collection accounts, provides student escorts, vehicle unlocks, jump starts and directions. 

Rules and Regulations
The Board of Trustees of the University of South Carolina has established rules and regulations governing traffic and parking that may be examined upon request at the University Public Safety Department. A copy of the state law is on file at the University Public Safety Office.  
  1. All persons who shall regularly or occasionally drive, operate or control, park or let stand, or otherwise use or maintain a motor vehicle on the land or property of the University are required to register the vehicle with the University Public Safety Department.
  2. Regulations apply to drivers of all vehicles, whether public or private, and are in force twenty-four hours a day unless otherwise posted. Parking permits allow the holders the privilege of parking on campus, but do not guarantee the holder a parking space unless so specified.
  3. The driver of any vehicle shall obey the lawful instruction of any University Public Safety or Parking Enforcement officer and any official traffic sign placed in accordance with the provisions of these regulations except otherwise directed by an officer.
  4. No person shall, without lawful authority, attempt to or in fact alter, deface, injure, knock down or remove any official traffic sign or device, or any inscription, shield or insignia thereon, or any other part thereof.
  5. The University shall assume no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated or parked on campus. Valuables should not be left in unoccupied vehicles at any time and vehicles should be locked when not in use. Thefts, or damages that occur should be reported to the University Public Safety Department for investigation or other action.
Office of the State Fire Marshal

Conducts building inspections, oversees emergency fire drills, reviews and approves construction plans, ensures life safety code compliance and serves as liaison with North Spartanburg Fire Department and Spartanburg County Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

University ID Card System Services

Processes and distributes University Identification cards to all faculty, staff and students. 

Emergency Management Services

Responsible for oversight of the Incident Management Plan including all aspects of training, preparation, mitigation, response and recovery efforts. Also includes oversight of the SpartAlert notification system, Timely Warning Notices, severe weather evacuation areas, managing building and floor coordinators and campus emergency phones and communications

Fleet Management Services

Manages the University fleet of motor and electric vehicles, oversees maintenance and service records, conducts annual inspections of all vehicles, processes accident reports, manages and facilitates driver education programs, secures annual 10 year driving histories on all part-time employees.

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