Emergency Information

Stay Safe and Secure at USC Upstate

Spartan Safe at USC Upstate

Ensuring the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff on campus is a primary commitment of the University. In conjunction with the Division of Student Affairs, the University Police Department has instituted an array of safety measures and programs to deal with emergency issues.

SpartAlert Emergency Notification System

The USC Upstate emergency notification system consists of the following. If you are not signed up, we encourage everyone to take advantage of both the Spart Alert and Rave Guardian App below.

  • SpartAlert  - Sign up for automated alerts in the event of an emergency.
  • RAVE Guardian App - The Rave Guardian App is available to help keep you safe on campus.

Spart Alert

SpartAlert - An Emergency Situation Exists An Emergency Situation Exists

SpartAlert -  Campus is Closed

SpartAlert - Classes are Delayed or Canceled Classes are Delayed or Canceled

Rave Guardian

SpartAlert - Set a Safety Timer Set a Safety Timer

SpartAlert - Connect with Guardians Connect with Guardians

SpartAlert - Emergency Communication Emergency Communication

Helpful Information

Active Shooter Response Training

Shots Fired, Active Shooter Response Training

"SHOTS FIRED!"... the last thing you'd expect to hear in your workplace or university. The USC Upstate Department of Public Safety provides active shooter response training for students, faculty and staff.