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SHOTS FIRED: When Lightning Strikes

“Shots Fired!” the last thing you’d expect to hear at a college or university. Unfortunately this contemporary, violent event has become a reality in schools across the country. Today, anyone can become a victim of an Active Shooter, but despite common belief, injury or death does not have to be the inevitable outcome.

The key to survival is a proper mindset, knowledge and awareness, which enables action with purpose in this high-stress situation.  You can survive! Shots Fired on Campus is a dynamic training program designed to instill the survival mindset and teaches realistic strategies for dealing with an active shooter situation on campus.

SHOTS FIRED: When Lightning Strikes is an instructional DVD and training program designed to empower people with knowledge and strategies for preventing and surviving an active shooter situation. Violence is almost always evolutionary, and exhibits warning signs leading up to disaster.

With the aid of the instructional DVD, you will learn to recognize pre-incident indicators that could serve as red flags warning you of impending violent acts to follow. If in the midst of violence, this cutting edge DVD will train you to freely enter a survival mindset. This is the belief that you CAN take control and survive an active shooter incident.

Not only will the instructional DVD train you on possible courses of action to stay alive during an active shooter attack, but it will also examine what to do in a hostage situation. It is a matter of life and death to know the key differences in safe responses during BOTH scenarios.

Understand the importance of early action and the options for responding to and reporting warning signs. In these various scenarios, law enforcement may arrive in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

SHOTS FIRED: When Lightning Strikes instructional DVD will demonstrate what to do and how to react to their arrival.

Learning Points

  • Learn to Recognize Early Indicators
  • Understand the "Survival Mindset"
  • Respond During an Active Shooter Incident
  • Know How to Help Law Enforcement

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Instructional Videos

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Part One: 
Shots Fired On Campus

Part Two: 
Shots Fired In the Workplace