Incident Management Plan

The University of South Carolina Upstate has an Incident Management Team that promulgates, coordinates and leads effective emergency preparedness planning and execution of the University Incident Management Plan. This plan is guided by the core values of protecting life and human suffering; safeguarding intellectual property, critical infrastructures and facilities; and returning the University community to standard operating procedures as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

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Table of Contents

Incident Management Plan

Appendix 1: Incident Management Team Contact Information

Appendix 2: NIMS Glossary of Terms

Appendix 3: Incident Management Control Position Checklist

Appendix 4: Executive Order 2005-2013

Appendix 5: Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

Appendix 6: Utility Shut-Off Locations and Severe Weather Shelter Areas

Appendix 7: ESF 13 - Law Enforcement

Appendix 8: Behavioral Intervention Protocol

Appendix 9: USC Upstate DRU - Building a Disaster Resistant University

Appendix 10: Emergency Support Functions

Appendix 11: National Guard Threat Levels

Appendix 12: Emergency Action Plan – Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs