RAVE Guardian App

Now Your Phone Can Keep You Safe and Help Protect Your Friends

RAVE Guardian AppUSC Upstate is providing a free mobile app to keep students, faculty and staff safer on and off campus.

Spartan Safe Rave Guardian turns any cell phone into a personalized protection network, connecting with University Police during an emergency and giving us important information we need quickly.

To download, search “Rave Guardian” in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Set a Safety Timer
Set a Safety Timer whenever you are are alone or in an unfamiliar place.

Connect with Guardians
You can invite family, friends, and others you trust to be part of your safety network.

Emergency Communication
Call safety officials for help and send text tips if you see something suspicious.


Caller Profiles

Students, faculty and staff can set up complete profiles in Spartan Safe. By providing information about any medical conditions, your course schedule, addresses, campus ID photo and other critical data, you make it easier for university police to find and help you in an emergency. Make sure you use your USC Upstate email address when registering.

Panic Calls

These quickly connect with Spartanburg County 911 or USC Upstate Department of Public Safety. If the call is placed to USC Upstate, Spartan Safe automatically delivers your complete caller profile to our telecommunications personnel. The app also sends GPS coordinates pinpointing where the call was made. Help will be sent to the location – depending on the nature and location of the call, it could be USC Upstate or local police, fire or emergency medical assistance.

If we can’t reach you after the call comes in, we’ll use the GPS coordinates the app sends us and your profile picture to locate you.

For calls originating off campus, we’ll notify the appropriate local jurisdiction if we need help searching a building or business.

When you are not near campus and use the 911 Emergency option, the full details of your profile and your GPS information may not be available, but the app can still connect you with the nearest 911 dispatch center.

Safety Networks

The app lets you set safety timers notifying people you trust (“guardians”) of your whereabouts. Simply set the timer before you leave, inputting information about your destination and/or route and the approximate amount of time you think it will take you to get there. When you arrive, deactivate the timer. If you don’t deactivate it in time, the app will prompt to do so. If it is not deactivated, your “guardian” will be notified. If you’ve selected the USC Upstate Police as your guardian, our dispatchers will attempt to locate you. If they cannot, an officer will be dispatched to check on you.

Anonymous Crime Tips

Dispatchers will assess the information. If help is needed immediately, an officer will be sent. Less urgent matters will be forwarded to investigators. Issues that aren’t police matters – street light outages or water line breaks – will be forwarded to the right agency. Tips also will be forwarded to outside police agencies if appropriate.