Emergency Notification System

Spartan Safe at USC Upstate

USC Upstate’s Emergency Notification System (SpartAlert) is a mass notification system that enables students, parents, faculty and staff to receive critical information and updates via text messages to cell phones and email accounts, when unexpected circumstances arise that pose a threat of imminent danger.

This system is used for such situations as tornado or other weather-related emergency, man-made disaster (fire, chemical spill or release, etc.), active shooter or major power disruption that causes class cancellation/school closing. The system is not used for routine campus announcements/news, street or parking lot closings, or other routine information dissemination.

SpartAlert is used in combination with other communication channels such as, electronic signage, a coordinated use of public media outlets and a 24-hour recorded Emergency Hotline at 864-503-5599. 

With everyone’s participation, this system strengthens emergency preparedness. 

  • All students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to register for SpartAlert.

    You must register for the service in order to receive alerts. Participants are asked to provide a cell phone number, email address, and alternate phone in order to receive the alerts in the event of an emergency. 

    Please use the link below to register, update or verify your information.

    To update or verify your SpartAlert Emergency Notification informationPDF Document Download

  • How do I register?

    Students, Faculty, and Staff should go to and click on the Update Account Settings link and click on the Emergency Notifications tab to register for alerts. If you do not know how to log in to, please contact the help desk at extension 5257.

    What if I don't have a cell phone?

    This Emergency Notification System is used primarily as a text messaging system through cell phone services. But there are other ways the system can notify you such as email, the university home page, electronic signage, social media, and public media outlets.

    Can my parents or other family members also register so they'll know what's going on?

    The system will allow you to add 3 cell phone numbers as well as 2 additional email addresses on top of the USC Upstate email.

    Is there a cost if I register?

    The university is not charging students, faculty, or staff for this service. However, depending on your agreement with your mobile phone provider, you may incur charges for text messages. Please check with your provider to understand your charges. 

    What kind of situations will this notification process be used for?

    USC Upstate will only send you messages when circumstances arise posing a threat of imminent danger. Emergencies such as, but not limited to, fire, tornado, hazardous materials spill, or an act of violence. The system may also be tested several times throughout the year to ensure effectiveness.

    Will this be used for weather-related closures?

    This will only be used for weather-related emergencies if there is an imminent danger such as a tornado or a snow storm with immediate impacts on the university’s normal business operations.

    How long will it take to get a message when something is happening?

    It depends on the situation, but this system is designed to deliver essential information quickly.

    What do I do if I change my cell phone carrier?

    If your cell phone number or email address changes, you will need to log on to your VIP/MySC account and update this information.

    What information do I have to provide when I register?

    Either a cell phone number and cell service provider, email address, or alternate cell phone number.  You may provide all three in order to be sure to receive some form of an alert. 

    Will my personal contact information be kept private by the University?

    Your information will be kept confidential and only used for the emergency notification process.

    Who do I contact if I'm signed up but didn't get a message during a threatening situation?

    Please contact the Help Desk at 503-5257.