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Photo of Klay Peterson

Klay Peterson
Director of Public Safety
Chief of Police

Photo of Glynda Miller

Glynda Miller
Administrative Manager
Police Officer

Photo of Dave Myers

Dave Myers
Assistant Chief of Police

Photo of Christopher Bennett

Christopher Bennett
Housing Safety Officer

Photo of Alyxzander Bublitz

Alyxzander Bublitz
Safety Officer

Steve Campfield
Shuttle Driver

Photo of Sharita Cheatham

Sherita Cheatham
Police Corporal

Photo of Kevin Cochran

Kevin Cochran
Police Corporal

Blank Profile image

Jimmy Davis
Part-Time Police

Danielle Haywood
Safety Officer

Photo of Rick Jones

Rick Jones
Emergency Services Coordinator 

Photo of Mary Law

Mary Law
Police Corporal

Photo of Christina Leiva

Christina Leiva
Police Officer

Photo of Marvin Orellana

Marvin Orellana
Police Officer

Photo of Fred Payne 

Fred Payne 
Shuttle Driver 

Photo of Steven Peacock

Steven Peacock
Administrative Sergeant

Chris Raymond
Part-Time Police Officer 

Photo of Calvin Roper 

Calvin Roper 
Parking Services Officer 

Photo of Stacey Ronson

Stacey Ronson
Parking Services Officer

Photo of Christen Roper

Christen Roper
Administrative Specialist 

Photo of Trevor Sherbert

Trevor Sherbert
Police Corporal

Photo of Marty Shugart

Marty Shugart
Police Sergeant

Photo of Mark Smith

Mark Smith
Campus Safety Officer 

Photo of Keagan Smith

Keagan Smith
 Front Counter Technician 

Photo of Charles Solesbee

Charles Solesbee
Shuttle Driver

Photo of Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor
Shuttle Driver

Photo of James Tesner

James Tesner
Police Sergeant

Photo of Michael Trotter

Michael Trotter
Transportation Services Coordinator

Photo of Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas
Part-Time Police Officer

Photo of Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams
Police Sergeant

Photo of Cheryl Wingo

Cheryl Wingo
Police Sergeant



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