Help Desk

As an USC Upstate student, faculty or staff member you have access to a variety of services at the IT Help Desk, both in person and remotely. No matter what your computer problem, our helpful staff can assist or at least point you in the right direction! The Help Desk is located on the first floor of the Administration Building on the Spartanburg campus.

Email on Mobile Device

If you bring your Android, iPhone, iPad or other mobile device to the Help Desk we can set it up so you can receive your USC Upstate emails. Or you can follow the instructions here.


Students can send faxes from the Help Desk. We cannot receive faxes.

Loaner Computer

Students, faculty and staff can borrow a loaner laptop or tablet from the Help Desk at no cost (subject to availability). Students can borrow a laptop for up to seven days (fines will apply for late returns). Please note that fines will have to be paid with your Carolina Card. 

Password Reset

We can reset email passwords at the Help Desk for students, faculty and staff with valid photo ID. Please note, for security reasons we cannot reset passwords over the phone or by email. However, students, faculty and staff that have added an alternate email or phone number to their account can reset their USC Upstate password at:

Recommended Laptop Support

While we will diagnose problems on other computers, the Help Desk only offers full hardware support on our line of Dell recommended laptops. If there is damage to the hard disk or any other parts we will repair or replace them through the warranty provided with the laptop. This service is only provided to student who purchase laptops with the Dell extended warranty.


We can reimage University-owned computers and recommended student laptops by putting a fresh copy of Windows on them. Any user data will be backed up prior to imaging so you won't lose anything. We will only install a version of Windows on student laptops that you have a valid licence key for.

Remote Support

If you are unable to come to the Help Desk or your computer is not portable, you can call us and we are able to remotely access your computer as long as it is connected to the Internet. This allows us to diagnose and even fix computer problems without you having to leave your office or dorm.

Call (864) 503-5257 to arrange a remote support session and then look for the name of the technician to proceed.

Software Installation

We can assist students, faculty and staff with installation of software provided by or purchased through the University, such as Microsoft Office. Please note the Help Desk will not assist with the installation of any software that you do not have a valid license for.

Virus Protection and Removal

The Help Desk can install anti-virus software and remove viruses from your computer. Please note we do not work on faculty and staff personal computers. If there is operating system damage caused by a virus on a student computer, we can only repair or reinstall the OS if it is one of our recommend laptops.

Wireless Setup

The Help Desk will assist with completing the steps necessary to connect to the USC Upstate wireless.

If virus software needs to be installed or there are other issues, students can check-in their laptop so we can work on it and the Help Desk will call you when it is ready.