Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies serves to support digital pedagogy and learning with technology in a variety of engagement modes including face-to-face or fully online environments as well as blended, hybrid or flipped models. We provide instructional design support and guidance for individuals and groups to enhance student engagement. We also provide thoughtful guidance in technology selection from a critical, pedagogical perspective.

Our services include:

  • Instructional Design Support: Thoughtful design instruction, select effective instructional strategies, technology tool selection and matching services
  • Development Opportunities: Year-round opportunities, face-to-face, online and individual consultation on strategies and tools
  • QEP and Digital Literacy: Digital pedagogy practice and digital literacy
  • Title III and Active Learning: Faculty development and support in active learning pedagogy and learning environment redesign
  • Tool Exploration: Continuous testing of university provided tools as well as options that are free or open

Learning Technologies works in partnership with the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Office of Distance Education in organizing and providing teaching and learning with technology development and support.