According to Crestron's website, with AirMedia™ anyone can walk into a room and wirelessly present PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF documents, as well as photos, on the room display from their personal iOS or Android mobile device. MacBook and PC laptops can be connected seamlessly as well, making presentations from almost any device fast and easy. There are no wires to hook up, no complicated settings to configure, and no AV or control system is required. Simply connect via the local Wi-Fi network and start sharing content from your portable device.

    • Bring your own device to a meeting or collaboration session and share your content through on screen without hooking up any wires
    • Presenters using a Mac or PC can connect to AirMedia with installed AirMedia software (see links below)
    • iPad and other mobile device users need only download the free AirMedia app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play 
    • Present PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, Photos and more!
  • All students, faculty and staff using a Smart Classroom with an installed AirMedia device.

  • There is no cost to the end-user for AirMedia.

  • A wireless capable device connected to the USC Upstate wi-fi network. Mobile devices will also require the AirMedia app. Click on the links below to download software for your device:

  • To use AirMedia you must be in one of the following classrooms:

    Admin 116 CASB 101

    CASB 102

    CASB 103

    CASB 104

    CASB 117

    HEC 2086 (JM Smith Boardroom)

    HEC 3081 (Nursing Conferencing Room)

    Hodge 255

    Hodge 256

    HPAC 120

    HPAC 121
    HPAC 122 HPAC 134
    HPAC 219  HPAC 220 
    HPAC 221  HPAC 233 
    JCBE 150 JCBE 310
    Library 234  Library 236
    Library 240 Library 248
    Library 249 Library 250
    Media 217

    Media 319

    Media 320

    Smith 102C

    Smith 205

    Smith 319

    Smith 320 URC 248
    URC 249 URC 251
    URC 252 URC 253
    VAC 116 VAC 122
    VAC 124