Life Cycle Refresh

Life Cycle Refresh (LCR) is an annual project to ensure a proactive approach to replacing aging desktop and laptop computers used by USC Upstate faculty and staff. The primary goal of this project is to ensure faculty and staff have the appropriate computer hardware to support academic scholarship and achievement, as well as increase productivity and efficiency while supporting the USC Upstate community. LCR aims for a regular refresh cycle of 25 percent of the computers annually to ensure that all LCR eligible computers are on a four-year refresh cycle.

    • ITS managed computers are on a four-year life cycle
    • ITS will replace 25 percent of its managed computers annually at no cost to users 
    • Laptops will be refreshed in the spring and the desktops will be refreshed each summer
    • Faster hardware repairs due to standardization of desktop/laptop units
    • All computers that are purchased by ITS will automatically be part of the four year LCR.
    • Institutional standard computers that are purchased for full-time faculty or staff members will be included. You must go through the Help Desk to purchase computers originally.
    • Computers for adjunct faculty or part-time staff will be replaced on a case-by-case basis.
    • Computers purchased with grant funding will not be eligible for this program
  • How does the process work?

    Annually, ITS will review all computers that are eligible for Life Cycle Refresh based on the date the computer was purchased. Eligibility is no longer tied to a department wide refresh but is tied to the specific computer date. This new process considers department personnel changes, a wide range in deployment dates within a department and better meets the needs of the Help Desk.

    ITS will deploy laptops during the spring semester and will deploy desktop computers during the summer. These time frames were decided under careful consideration. Each employee who is scheduled to receive a new computer will be notified in advance and will have ample time to visit the Help Desk to have their computer exchanged.

    What about my data and software?    

    ITS will be copying all users' work-related files, Outlook profile and autocomplete, settings and other various data on their computer. The Help Desk reserves the right to refuse to copy any personal files. In this case, the Help Desk will allow the employee to transfer their data on their own, provided it is not illegal content.

    ITS will install all University-owned software where you hold a valid license key. The standard software includes Microsoft Office, antiVirus software, VMWare, etc. For all other software, you or your department admin will need to present a valid license key prior to the installation of that software title.

    For more information and questions please see the FAQ.

  • The Help Desk will contact you with information regarding replacement when your laptop has reached the end of its life. You can also look on the chart above to determine the anticipated refresh year and cycle.

    1. You should then email to schedule an appointment to come into the office to exchange their computer. (We ask that users come to the Help Desk to exchange their laptop during the upgrade because we have tools and resources available here that will allow our technicians to quickly and accurately copy your data.)
    2. You’ll need to bring your current laptop (identified in the original email to you informing you of the refresh) and power cord. Without these two items we will not give you the new computer.
    3. The Help Desk will answer your questions about the process and ensure you understand the University's Data Transfer Policy and the Software Installation Policy.
    4. The Help Desk will have you log into the New and the Old computers to ensure we have access to copy your data.
    5. At this point, we will offer you a loaner laptop so you do not have to wait in the office for your data to transfer.
    6. A technician will call you once your data has been transferred.
    7. When you return, at your convenience, we will have you log into your new computer to answer any questions and make sure you can get on the wireless and everything is working appropriately.
    8. You’ll then sign the User Computer Agreement form before leaving with your new computer.