Polycom classrooms allows faculty, staff and students to take part in video conferences involving participants from around the country and even overseas. Using the Cloud Axis software, people can join the video conference even if they are not in a Polycom-equipped classroom.

  • The purpose of Cloud Axis is for guests to use it to connect with one of the Video Conferencing Systems within USC Systems. Although a Polycom System is not needed to collaborate, USC Upstate ITS highly recommends one of the end points be a USC Systems Polycom Room. USC Upstate ITS also thinks it’s best to keep the total number of people connecting to four or less. Polycom is similar to Skype and is used for 2 way communications. With it, you can:

    • Take part in video conferences from around the world
    • Share documents and and presentations online for everyone to see
  • All students, faculty and staff using a Smart Classroom equipped with a Polycom or a computer with the Polycom software installed.

  • There is no cost to Upstate students, faculty or staff for Polycom use. Non-employees are charged $100 for the room and $25 for the technician.

    • A Polycom-enabled classroom or computer with Polycom Cloud Axis
    • Virtual meeting code
  • Users can contact Tim Hightower at thightower@uscupstate.edu for assistance with setting up a Polycom meeting.
    If you are off campus, guests can connect by going to callme.sc.edu and downloading the Polycom software.The Polycom system is currently available in the following locations (you will need to contact the admin assistant in that building or department to schedule the room):

    • George 160
    • Greenville Portable located in College of Arts in Science Conference Room
    • Greenville 117
    • Greenville 125
    • HEC 2002
    • HEC 2037
    • HEC 3081 Nursing Conference
    • Media 217
    • Media 234 Conference Room
    • Media 324 Conference Room
    • Student Affairs CLC 3rd Floor
    • Tukey
    • University Conference Room