Promethean activboard software

In Promethean's own words, ActivBoard enable teachers to bring lessons to life via their interactive, multi-media whiteboard. They can enhance group collaboration and teamwork in the classroom using Promethean's Learner Response Systems and create differentiated lessons filled with rich, powerful activities to grab the attention of the whole class.

    • Create collaborative ActivBoard presentations
    • Provide on-screen active tools at your fingertips (manipulatives, content specific diagrams & images, clicker polls, etc.) for active learning 
    • Manage the supplementary ActivExpressions (learner response systems or clickers) 
    • Much more!
  • All faculty, staff and students.

  • This software will be provided on Smart Classroom computers that have an ActivBoard. However, the Promethean board must be purchased. You can obtain a quote by emailing the Help Desk. 

    • A classroom with a Promethean ActivBoard
    • Access to the Smart Classroom in SpartanGreenSky
  • If you are using your own laptop to the connect to the ActivBoard and not a University computer, you will need to download the ActivDriver software. It can be downloaded from Promethean's support page.

  • Promethean Support